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To the JMU Community,

As a follow up to our Feb. 21 e-mail, the university will begin a phased approach to relaxing mask requirements in designated campus spaces March 7. This phased approach will allow us to carefully monitor the number and severity of cases on campus and in our community, and it will also help people to become comfortable with the changes in protocols.

Phase 1 will begin March 7 and includes optional masking in many common spaces, which are specified below. We will be back in touch with further information about subsequent phases as soon as possible.

Phase 1: Effective Monday, March 7

Masks Are Optional

Masks will no longer be required in many indoor spaces, such as:

Note: If you attend a meeting in a private office, the host may ask you to wear a mask, and you should honor the request or choose a virtual option.

Organizers of campus events and activities can decide whether to require masks for participation (e.g., for artistic performances, special receptions, etc.) on a case-by-case basis.

Masks Are Still Required

  • As of now, in instructional spaces including classrooms, clinics, labs and studios. See these FAQs for more information.
  • In accordance with requirements at external locations, such as clinical placements, student teaching assignments, etc.
  • On public transportation (including buses) and health care settings, following current federal rules.

We will be back in touch with additional information about these and other venues as conditions evolve.

Many of our community members will still prefer to wear a mask, a decision that we fully support. Our goal is to create spaces where individuals feel comfortable making that choice for themselves. While we never know someone else’s full story, we can create an environment where everyone is supported in making a decision that is best for them.

We hope that this step will help us move forward as we get to experience more smiles, expressions and people’s full faces. We’re looking forward to a promising spring!


Jonathan Alger, President
Heather Coltman, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Donna Harper, Vice President for Access and Enrollment
Nick Langridge, Vice President for Advancement
Tim Miller, Vice President for Student Affairs
Towana Moore, Interim Vice President for Administration and Finance

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Published: Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Last Updated: Thursday, January 4, 2024

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