Edward Gutauskus

Regional Operations Director, ARAMARK

Contact Person:                                   Mr. Edward Gutauskus, Regional Operations Director

Phone Number:                                   (434) 244-0075

Email:                                                   gutauskus-edward@aramark.com

A Regional Operations Director since 2004, Edward Gutauskas began his career in the food service industry with Aramark in early 1971. As he worked and gained experience in his field, he grew to be an Associate Vice President with the responsibility for the businesses in Virginia.  He then became Regional Operations Director reporting to a Regional Vice President and assisting him with all areas of his responsibility in his Region (Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina).

Mr. Gutauskas cites that a desire to provide service to people and passion for food, service, people, or a combination of those is what it takes to be successful in his everyday job.  A typical day for Mr. Gutauskas consists of some kind of travel, whether it is by car, place, or bus.  He also meets with his managers at their locations, tours operations, and meets with clients to hear how Aramark is doing.

In preparing to enter the hospitality field, Mr. Gutauskas recommends that students love this business.  He stresses that the hospitality business is not easy work.  If you don't love it, if you don't feel some passion for it, if you have any question in your mind about doing this, he suggests finding something else to major in.  His "words of wisdom" would include staying current by reading trade magazines, trade journals, travel books, and food books.  As well as always looking for opportunities to learn something new and to see something new.

Past JMU graduates that are now working with the organization include students who go to work with Aramark with a good understanding of the work involved in the food service operations.  These students have been able to add value to the organization by keeping their realistic view of the business and by helping Aramark continue to grow as a company and provide outstanding service to the customers.

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