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Medical First Aid


Campus Health Center - ext. 6177

Campus Police - ext. 6911

Emergency Medical Service - 6911

First, give Urgent Care.

  1. Rescue, get victim away from source of danger.

  2. If serious injury or illness occurs on campus, dial ext. 6911 IMMEDIATELY. Give your name, describe the nature and severity of the medical problem and the campus location of the victim.

  3. In case of injury or illness, provide first aid care. Use ONLY sterile first aid materials. What is First Aid? It is immediate action taken to treat a person who has been injured or has become suddenly ill. Time can be a critical factor. Minutes, or even seconds, can mean the difference between life and death. First Aid fills the "time gap" until medical help arrives, and first aid is your job if you happen the be there. Knowing what to do can save someone's life, prevent further injury, relive pain.

  4. In case of injury or illness, Red Cross trained personnel* should quickly perform the following steps:

    1. Keep the victim still and comfortable to avoid further injury. DO NOT MOVE THE VICTIM once away from source of danger.

    2. Ask the victim, "Are you okay?" and "What is wrong?"

    3. Check breathing and pulse, give CPR if necessary.

    4. Control serious bleeding by direct pressure on the wound.

    5. Identify victim, look for emergency medical I.D.

    6. Loosen or remove clothing carefully.

    7. Check for hidden injuries.

    8. Determine injury or probable cause of illness. ASK WITNESSES.

    9. Note victim's general appearance and behavior, such as skin color, and appearance of the eyes.

    10. Check for stains or burns around the mouth, breath odor for possible alcohol or drug overdose, treat for poison if needed.

    11. Protect victim from disturbances and exposure.

    12. Continue to assist the victim until help arrives.

    13. Look for emergency medical I.D.; question witness(es); and give all information to the paramedics.

  5. Every office should have a person trained in first aid and CPR. Training is available through the local American Red Cross, Health and Human Services, Campus Police, and the Campus Health Center.

IMPORTANT: After any evacuation, report to your building's designated campus area assembly point. Stay there until an accurate head count is taken. The Building Manager or Head Resident will take attendance and assist in the accounting for all building occupants.

* The procedures above should be implemented after calling 6911 for the Harrisonburg Rescue Squad to handle. Public Safety will advise as to what approach should be taken until the Rescue Squad personnel arrive. Only Red Cross trained personnel should provide first aid treatment, i.e., first aid and CPR.

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