WELCOME to the 2015 JMU Summer Band Camps!  Below you will find important information to help you prepare for your visit to JMU!  The 2015 INFO PACKET has not yet been updloaded, however, you can review the 2014 packet to begin preparing for the 2015 camp.  Much of the information will remain the same. 


All participants who have successfully applied to camp will receive this information in the mail as part of our annual Information Packet. 


If you have any questions, please contact the SBC Office at 540.568.2384 or e-mail us at



CLICK HERE to download the 2014 Camp Welcome Letter.


CLICK HERE to download the 2014 Camp Map.


CLICK HERE to download the 2014 Medical Release Form





The cost for the 2014 JMU Summer Band Camps is $375.  This fee includes all meals and air-conditioned housing (double occupancy), instruction and recreational activities, as well as a camp T-shirt, water bottle, and lanyard.  A $100 deposit is due with the application, and the remaining balance is due by July 1, 2014.  All payments are to be made by credit card, money order, or check – payable to “JMU Summer Band Camps.”  For convenient credit card payment options, visit our payment page at the JMU Business Office website:




Because reservations for housing and meals must be made, and staffing is confirmed at the application deadline, we are not able to refund camp costs after July 1, 2014.  If you have any questions about this, please contact the Camp Administrator, Mr. Chad Reep at (540) 568-2384 or E-mail Thank you for your understanding.




On Tuesday, July 8, all residents will register at the JMU Festival Conference and Student Center (see campus map).  Registration will be held 12-3pm.  During this time, students will receive a registration packet that will include: a detailed schedule for your specific camp, nametag, dorm room key, conference meal card, camp T-shirt, lanyard, and camp water bottle.  There will also be an information table for individuals with questions about payments or other camp details.  After registration, participants will move into their assigned dorms rooms in the Shenandoah or Chesapeake Residence Halls, or for Concert Band camp participants, Gifford Hall located on the Quad. For your convenience (and to relieve congestion in the registration area), it is recommended that you do not unload any luggage from your vehicle until you have completely registered and received your room assignment and keys.  Once this is complete, you may proceed to your assigned residence hall to unload and move in. 


PARKING for registration/move-in will be located at the C-12 lot, adjacent to the registration area.  Please note that there is no parking adjacent to the residence halls – however, there is an easy path from the parking area to the dorms, and convenient entrances/exits and elevators at each resident location. 




To JMU East Campus from Interstate-81:

  • Take Exit 247-A, E. Market Street/US-33E
  • Head east on E. Market Street (toward Elkton)
  • At the second signal light, turn RIGHT onto University Blvd.
  • Follow University Blvd. through Reservoir St. and past Costco (on left).  Stay in the right lane.
  • The entrance to East Campus will be on the right. Turn RIGHT onto Carrier Drive – you will see the East Campus Dining Hall, the SBC residence halls, and Festival Conference and Student Center on left. 
  • The entrance to the C-12 parking lot will be on the right. 


CLICK HERE for the 2014 JMU Summer Band Camps map.



CLICK HERE for the JMU Campus Map.




If a student will be keeping a vehicle on campus, he/she must notify the JMU Summer Band Camps in advance by calling the hotline at (540) 568-6942.  Student vehicles will be registered with the university and parking will be arranged.  All car keys will be turned in to the Counseling Directors at the opening camp session on Tuesday, July 8.  At that time, a parking permit will be provided and must be displayed while parking on campus.  Car keys will be returned to the participant prior to the final performances on Saturday, July 13.




Camp participants will be housed in Shenandoah and Chesapeake Halls on East Campus (see campus map), or Gifford Hall on the Quad (for Concert Band camp only).  All residence halls are air-conditioned and participants will be housed 2-per room.  Each hall will be staffed by a resident Hall Director and counselors (each responsible for one hallway or group of rooms in the dorms).  These individuals are all JMU students and/or band directors who will be able to address all participant needs and provide daily announcements and instructions.  


Applicants may request a preferred roommate.  If you did not make note of this on your application, please call the JMU Summer Band Camps hotline at (540) 568-6942 and notify us of your roommate preference by July 1, 2014.  If a request is not made by this deadline, we will not be able to accommodate your roommate preference.


For more information about the JMU Residence Halls, please visit the JMU Office of Residence Life website at where sample floor plans and hall descriptions can be found for Shenandoah and Chesapeake Residence Halls.  


CLICK HERE to view the Gifford Hall website (Concert Band Only).


CLICK HERE to view the Shenandoah Hall website.


CLICK HERE to view the Chesaeake Hall website.




University keys will be issued to each participant upon registration.  These keys will allow access to assigned rooms in the residence halls.  At check-out, rooms will be inspected and keys collected.  There will be a $25 fee assessed for any key that is lost or not returned.  In addition to the dorm room key, participants will be issued an official conference card (swipe card) that will allow access to all exterior security doors of assigned residence halls and the JMU dining facilities. 




All participants will take advantage of the JMU Dining Services and eat meals at one of our excellent dining halls on campus, E-Hall (adjacent to the residence halls) and D-Hall (located close to the Music Building).  At registration, each individual will be issued an official conference meal card (swipe card) that will be used for access to all meals.   These cards must be kept with the student at ALL TIMES as it provides access to both the JMU dining facilities and also dorm access for security purposes.  If a card is lost, the student should immediately report this to a counselor and the card must be replaced at the expense of the camper. 


For more information about the JMU Dining Services:


CLICK HERE to visit the E-Hall website.


CLICK HERE to visit the D-Hall website. 




A basic JMU Summer Band Camps schedule can be found in this packet.  A more detailed schedule (specific for each camp) will be distributed at registration.  Instruction will take place 8:30AM-8:30PM each day, beginning Wednesday, July 10.  Time will be allotted for appropriate meals, recreation, and practice sessions.  Each evening, students will participate in an organized recreational activity until curfew at 10:30PM.  Lights out (monitored by the SBC counseling staff) will be at 11:00PM. 


CLICK HERE to download a basic camp schedule. 




A Medical Release form has been included in our information packet in order for our staff to have the necessary information on hand in case of a medical emergency during the 2013 JMU Summer Band Camps.  Please complete the enclosed form and return it to the JMU Summer Band Camp Office (via Mail) or submit it at registration on Tuesday, July 8.  Students who do not have a completed form on file will not be allowed to participate in this year’s camp.


In case of special medical instructions or questions (medications, allergies, food allergies, physical limitations, etc.), please contact the Summer Band Camps hotline at (540) 568-6942 so that we can prepare to best accommodate our participants.  Please note that the JMU Dining Services will also create special menus upon request for individuals with severe food allergies.  Please notify our office of these necessary accommodations in order for us to make the arrangements. 


CLICK HERE to download the Medical Release Form - TO COMPLETE THE FORM, you should TYPE your information into the fields provided, save, and print. 




JMU Summer Band Camps will have a qualified medical staff member on campus to assist with minor medical issues.  However, all medical emergencies will be transported to Rockingham Memorial Hospital, located at 2010 Health Campus Drive, Harrisonburg, VA 22801.





Because our event occurs in he middle of summer, the temperatures and weather conditions can vary greatly day-to-day and morning to night.  Therefore, the JMU Summer Band Camps stresses that all members bring adequate clothing to protect from the elements (raingear, hats, light clothing), as well as water bottles and any other weather-related items necessary to best prepare for the summer conditions.  All camp participants will receive a water bottle to be used during camp.  However, please feel free to bring additional bottles if so desired.  We will provide ample coolers with ice water as well as water breaks during which to rehydrate.




In order to keep both students and parents informed during the 2013 JMU Summer Band Camps, we have included a Contact Information Sheet in this packet.  Please locate this and review the phone numbers and individuals to contact in case you need to contact a student or staff member.





We invite all parents, band directors, family, and friends, to attend the final performances of the 2014 Summer Band Camps on Saturday, July 12.  The Concert Band will hold its final concert at 1:00PM at our recently opened Forbes Center for the Performing Arts Concert Hall (parking is available at the Warsaw Parking Deck connected to the Forbes Center – see campus map).  The Marching Band, Color Guard, Drumline, and Drum Majors will hold their final performances at 1:00PM at the JMU Bridgeforh Stadium.  Parking for these performances will be located in the "Champions" Parking Deck adjacent to the stadium.  Camp check-out will begin at the Shenandoah and Chesapeake courtyards immediately following the final performances. 





Each participant is expected to provide all necessary equipment including musical instruments, flags, rifles/sabers, and accessories: sticks, reeds, valve-oil, etc. 




DRUM MAJORS:  You will not need to bring an instrument.  However, it is recommended that you bring a 3-ring binder or notebook to use for taking notes and collecting resources.  In addition, you should consider bringing your marching band’s 2014 show music (score/recordings) if you have been provided with this.  There may be opportunities for you to work with the SBC and prepare for your upcoming band camp and season.


DRUMLINE:  You are responsible for providing your marching instrument (snare/bass/tenor) and necessary stands/harnesses.  JMU cannot provide instruments.  In addition, all participants must bring practice pads for indoor practices. 


CONCERT BAND PERCUSSION:  You will need to provide your own mallets and sticks (concert percussion is provided).


GUARD/WEAPON:  JMU will provide flag sets for the performances, however, it is recommended that you bring your own practice flag/weapon.  All participants in the weapon camp are required to bring your own rifle/sabre.


MARCHING BAND:  In addition to providing your own instrument, it is recommended that you bring a 3-ring binder or notebook to use for taking notes and collecting resources during the week.