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Madison Scholarly News - 2008

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Year Month Type Name Description month
2008 January Award Jenkins Brad Jenkins (General Manager, The Breeze) received the Outstanding Public Service in the Media Award from the Public Relations Council of the Shenandoah Valley in November 2007 for his work at the Daily News-Record,The Breeze and Shenandoah Living. 01
2008 January Award Lewis Dr. Laura Lewis (Professor, Anthropology) was awarded a 2008 Rockefeller Foundation Scholarly Residency at the Bellagio Study and Conference Center near Milan, Italy. Lewis will finish her second book, the ethnography "History, Race and Place in the Making of Black Mexico," during her one-month residency, which begins in March. Lewis is currently on academic leave, having received a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship for 2007-08 to support her book project. 01
2008 January Honor Flamiano Dr. Dolores L. Flamiano (Associate Professor, Media Arts and Design) has been elected to the board of the American Journalism Historians Association. 01
2008 January Grant Aboutabl Dr. Mohamed S. Aboutabl (Assistant Professor, Computer Science; Researcher, Institute for Infrastructure and Information Assurance) received $2,500 from Engedi Technologies Inc. for laboratory testing of the Secure Remote Management Drive. 01
2008 January Grant Choi Dr. Young B. Choi (Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems and Management Science) received $20,000 from the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute to investigate the effects of Mobile Web 2.0 on the American telecommunication market in the context of social network services. 01
2008 January Grant Coverstone Layman C. Scott Coverstone (Major, Police and Safety) and Patricia A. Layman (Administrative Assistant, Public Safety) received $8,552 from Rockingham County to improve the quality of criminal justice records in the regional central repository. 01
2008 January Grant Harmes Dr. J. Christine Harmes (Assistant Assessment Specialist and Assistant Coordinator of the Institute for Computer-Based Assessment, Center for Assessment and Research Studies; Assistant Professor, Graduate Psychology) received $53,000 from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing to investigate the levels of cognitive processing required for various types of innovative items and the degree to which examinees are able to remember various types of items, both text and innovative. 01
2008 January Grant Henriques Dr. Gregg Henriques (Associate Professor, Graduate Psychology; Director, Combined-Integrated Doctoral Program in Clinical and School Psychology) received $2,000 from the Great Ape Trust to convene scholars from across the academic spectrum to discuss the latest research in primatology and perspectives on human distinctiveness at the Visions of Integration II conference. 01
2008 January Grant Leslie Dr. Stephen A. Leslie (Professor and Head, Geology and Environmental Science) received $15,264 from the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund to collect geological samples for microfossils, make species identifications and conduct biostratigraphic analyses. 01
2008 January Grant Minbiole Dr. Kevin P. Minbiole, (Assistant Professor, Chemistry) received $25,000 from the Jeffress Memorial Trust for "Amphibian Protection: The Antifungal Agents of Beneficial Bacteria on Salamander Skins" to expand the knowledge and understanding of the complex relationship of mutualistic symbionts and microbial ecology as well as to develop new strategies in amphibian conservation. 01
2008 January Grant Monroe Dr. Jonathan D. Monroe (Professor, Biology) received $25,000 from the Jeffress Memorial Trust to determine the subcellular localization and tissue distribution of all nine Arabidopsis thaliana B-amylases and to understand the role of B-amylase in starch degradation throughout plants. 01
2008 January Grant Nye Christopher B. Nye (Executive Director, Blue Ridge Area Health Education Center) received $68,333 from Virginia Commonwealth University for center support in fiscal year 2008 to promote health careers and access to primary care for medically underserved populations through community-academic partnerships. Nye received $26,935 from VCU to serve the Medicaid population by supporting the placement of medical residents in community-based clinical rotations within rural healthcare settings. He also received $500 from Giant Food Stores, LLC to focus on hunger eradication. 01
2008 January Grant ODonoghue Dr. Cynthia R. O'Donoghue (Associate Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders) received $30,475 from the Virginia Department of Education to coordinate a seminar, "Dysphagia Management: Team Treatment and Collaboration with Medical Providers," to discuss the importance of team collaboration within school settings to assist students with swallowing difficulties. 01
2008 January Grant Paugh Dr. Amy L. Paugh (Assistant Professor, Anthropology) was awarded a $50,400 National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship for 2008-09 to write a book, "Playing with Language: Language Socialization, Children's Agency, and Language Shift in Dominica, West Indies," based on her research on linguistic practices, language ideologies, children's play and agency, and social reproduction and change in Dominica. 01
2008 January Grant Quinn Dr. Brianna S. Quinn (Assistant Professor, Exceptional Education) received $24,405 from the Virginia Department of Education for "Consortium of Institutions of Higher Education in Virginia in Visual Impairments" to develop and implement a statewide program to meet the initial and continuing education needs for teachers of students with visual impairments. 01
2008 January Grant Reeves Henry A. Reeves (Director, Small Business Development Center) received $2,500 from the U.S. Small Business Administration to provide technical advice and guidance and for the center to serve as a business and economic information focal point for small businesses. 01
2008 January Grant Rife Monroe Dr. Terrie K. Rife(Assistant Professor, Biology) and Dr. Jonathan D. Monroe (Professor, Biology) received $95,387 from the National Science Foundation to provide 12 students with research experiences as they work one-on-one with faculty who are experienced undergraduate research mentors and to expose the students to ethical issues in science and give them practice in communicating scientific ideas. 01
2008 January Grant Rocchiccioli Dr. Judith T. Rocchiccioli (Professor, Nursing) received $24,448 from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for "Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship Stipends for Underserved Rural Virginia" to support full- and part-time, current and future graduate students in the nurse practitioner and nurse educator tracks in JMU's nursing department graduate program. 01
2008 January Grant Sternberger Dr. Lee G. Sternberger (Executive Director International Programs; Associate Provost, Academic Affairs) received $1,000 from the University of Minnesota to assist with a survey. 01
2008 January Grant Whitmeyer Dr. Steven J. Whitmeyer (Assistant Professor, Geology and Environmental Science) received $27,696 from the National Science Foundation for "Collaborative Research: Geological and Geophysical Data Analysis Using a Virtual Globe" to establish a methodology for embedding digital mapping data, geophysical survey results and tectonic data from existing paper maps in innovative four-dimensional virtual globe models. 01
2008 January Publication Flamiano Dr. Dolores L. Flamiano (Associate Professor, Media Arts and Design) co-wrote an article, "Diversity in Mainstream Newspapers from the Standpoint of Journalists of Color," which was published in the Howard Journal of Communication, Vol. 18, Issue 2, 2007. 01
2008 January Publication Harllee Dr. Carol D. Harllee (Assistant Professor, Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures) wrote "Duran, Agustin (1789-1862)," an article which was published in "Two Hundred Literary Critics in Nineteenth-Century Spain" during fall semester 2007. 01
2008 January Publication Nusser Dr. Nancy Nusser (Assistant Professor, Media Arts and Design) co-authored "An Evaluation of Press Freedom Indicators," a study of global press freedom indicators that was published in the International Communication Gazette 69 (1):5-28. The article was the topic of presentations at a November 2007 conference on media freedom that was organized by the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg School for Communications. 01
2008 January Publication Sluss Dr. Dorothy J. Sluss (Associate Professor, Early, Elementary and Reading Education) was the lead editor for "Play Investigations in the 21st Century," which was published by University Press New York. 01
2008 January Publication Werner Greg Werner (Head Strength and Conditioning Coach) wrote three articles that have been published in Real Fighter magazine within the past three months: "Attack of the Killer Knees: Six Simple Moves to Help Prevent ACL Injuries" (Issue 15), "Legal Juice: Ten Proven Ways to Boost Your Testosterone Naturally" (Issue 16) and "Fists and 'Cuffs: Fight Off Painful Shoulder Problems with These Moves" (Issue 17). 01
2008 January Publication Zarrugh Dr. Laura Zarrugh (Adjunct Assistant Professor, Women's Studies and Cross-Disciplinary Studies) wrote a paper, "The Latinization of the Central Shenandoah Valley," which was published in International Migration, Vol. 46, No. 1, 2008, pp. 19-58. 01
2008 January Service Grundmann Mike Grundmann (Assistant Professor, Media Arts and Design) critiqued two student newspapers at the College Media Advisers conference in Washington, D.C., in October 2007. 01
2008 January Grant Strang Sharon L. Strang (Assistant Professor, Nursing) received $35,231 from the Merck Foundation to plan a chronic illness strategies clinic to help people manage their diseases and illnesses. 01
2008 January Grant Critzer Penelope Critzer (Director, Shenandoah Valley Child Development Clinic) received $288,884 from the Virginia Department of Health to assure the availability and accessibility of developmental services to children of Virginia in order to promote the optimal physical, cognitive, social, mental and emotional development and well being of all children and $92,678 from the Virginia Department of Education to support the educational programs of the clinic. 01
2008 January Grant Brimhall Melanie R. Brimhall (Director of Education, Madison Art Collection) received $6,000 from the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities for "Beyond Jamestown: Virginia Indians Past and Present" to provide opportunities for the JMU, Harrisonburg and Rockingham County communities and public schools within the collections service area to enjoy, discover and learn about the art and culture of Native Americans. 01