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Madison Scholarly News - 2005

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Year Month Type Name Description month
2005 September Grant McCabe JMU Libraries received a 2005 National Leadership Grant of $158,593 from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to research and develop interactive computer games that will teach health information literacy and general information literacy from the Institute of Museum and Library Services; principal investigator is Jennifer McCabe (Health Sciences Librarian). The project will be developed in cooperation with JMU Libraries, the Center for Instructional Technology and the Center for Assessment and Research Studies. 09
2005 September Grant Aboutabl Dr. Mohamed S. Aboutabl (Assistant Professor, Computer Science) received $2,767 from Engedi Technologies Inc. for "Testing the Secure Remote Management Drive" to provide laboratory testing. 09
2005 September Grant Augustine Reisner Caran Dr. Brian H. Augustine (Associate Professor, Chemistry), Dr. Barbara A. Reisner (Assistant Professor, Chemistry) and Dr. Kevin L. Caran (Assistant Professor, Chemistry) received $190,000 from the National Science Foundation to develop a coordinated nanoscience curriculum throughout the four-year degree program within the existing chemistry course structure. 09
2005 September Grant Evans Dr. Steven W. Evans (Director, Alvin V. Baird Attention and Learning Disabilities Center; Professor, Psychology) received $10,000 from Virginia Commonwealth University to gather information from providers about the prevention of tobacco use in children and adolescents who have psychiatric disorders. 09
2005 September Grant Frysinger Dr. Steven P. Frysinger (Professor, Integrated Science and Technology and Computer Science) received $10,000 from the National Park Service to help develop a database of information necessary for the next General Management Plan of Shenandoah National Park. 09
2005 September Grant Geier Dr. Clarence R. Geier (Professor, Anthropology) received $5,052 from Uniwest Group Inc. for "Leesburg or Fort Evans Encampment" to provide analysis of artifacts, to draw architectural plans of the site, to excavate and to prepare a report of findings. 09
2005 September Grant Gilligan Dr. Tammy D. Gilligan (Associate Professor, Graduate Psychology) received $1,000 from Gilbert Public Schools for a school psychology internship agreement. 09
2005 September Grant Gray Dr. Lincoln C. Gray (Adjunct Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders) received $143,725 from the National Institutes of Health for "Early Development of Auditory Temporal Processing" to provide a comprehensive evaluation of developing auditory perceptions on an appropriate animal model. 09
2005 September Grant Ham Dr. Lawrence L. Ham (Associate Professor, Kinesiology) received $1,500 from the Kaufmann Foundation for "The Learning Park Project" to improve the quality of life of elder citizens in hospital, residential and nursing-home settings. 09
2005 September Grant Hubbell Jane Hubbell (Adjunct Assistant Professor, Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services) received $9,000 from the City of Harrisonburg for "Bright Smile" to provide dental treatment to low-income children in the area. 09
2005 September Grant Huber Dr. Vida S. Huber (Associate Dean, Integrated Science and Technology) received $24,910 from the Harrisonburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority and $10,465 from the Community Resource Center to develop and to maintain high-quality agency programs with creativity and wise use of resources. 09
2005 September Grant Kolvoord Dr. Robert A. Kolvoord (Professor, Integrated Science and Technology) received $297,600 from the U.S. Department of Education to establish the National Center for Rural Science and Mathematics Education to assist middle-school teachers in rural areas in providing access to emerging technologies to their students and $33,646 from the Science Museum of Virginia to offer a geographic information system/global positioning system workshop to middle-school students in math, science, social studies and technology. 09
2005 September Grant Kyger Dr. Margaret M. Kyger (Assistant Professor, Special Education) received $49,704 from the Virginia Department of Education for "Effective Math Instruction for Students with Learning Problems: A Web-Based Training Package" to describe how students with cognitive-based learning problems have difficulty learning and to describe how teachers can plan and apply strategies so students can learn most effectively. 09
2005 September Grant Lane Sochacki Dr. Malcolm G. Lane(Head and Professor, Computer Science) and Dr. James S. Sochacki (Professor, Mathematics and Statistics) received $8,528 from Microsoft Corp. to introduce Tablet PC for Virtual Reality-based curriculum development using the JMU Video Wall. 09
2005 September Grant Linn Henderson Bright Dr. Reid J. Linn (Associate Dean, Graduate and Professional Programs; Professor, Special Education), Cheryl L. Henderson (Co-Director, Training/Technical Assistance Center) and Melinda B. Bright (Co-Director, T/TAC) received $1,780,950 from the Virginia Department of Education to support state-directed and regional/local activities for the department's Training/Technical Assistance centers. 09
2005 September Grant Mast Dr. Merle E. Mast (Head and Professor, Nursing) received $90,057 from the Virginia Department for the Aging to increase and coordinate information, resources and access to resources for persons with Alzheimer's disease and their family caregivers and $18,476 from Rockingham Family Physicians to engage JMU nurse practitioner/faculty in provision of services to residents of Sunnyside Retirement Community. 09
2005 September Grant Meyer Dr. J. Patrick Meyer (Assistant Assessment Specialist, Center for Assessment and Research Studies; Assistant Professor, Graduate Psychology) received $273,280 from the Institute of Education Sciences for "South Carolina Teacher Quality Grant" to investigate the efficacy of two different approaches to the delivery of a video-based professional development program aimed at improving the assessment practices of middle-school mathematics and reading teachers. 09
2005 September Grant Miles Dr. Jonathan J. Miles (Professor, Integrated Science and Technology) received two grants from the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy -- $41,553 for "American Solar/JMU Energy Efficiency Project" to provide solar heating and to reduce energy use and cost in the new JMU modular building and $20,000 for "Virginia Wind Energy Collaborative to coordinate the activities of the VWEC partners to promote the responsible development of wind energy in Virginia. 09
2005 September Grant Niculescu Giovanetti Dr. M. Ioana Niculescu (Assistant Professor, Physics), Dr. Gabriel Niculescu (Assistant Professor, Physics) and Dr. Kevin L. Giovanetti (Professor, Physics) received $2,238 from the Jefferson Lab of the U.S. Department of Energy to build a gas-handling system for the gas electron multiplier detector in support of the Bound Nucleon Structure Collaboration program at the lab. 09
2005 September Grant Nye Christopher B. Nye (Adjunct Assistant Professor, Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services) received $20,000 from the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Community Services Board to provide interpretation services to non-English speaking clients, $15,000 from Sentara Health Plan to request interpreter services in the Harrisonburg and Rockingham County areas to serve the limited English proficient community to improve their access to health care, $12,500 from Rockingham Memorial Hospital for Blue Ridge Area Health Education Center support to make health care more accessible to the immigrant community of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County and $3,000 from Asbury United Methodist Church to support the Las Promotoras de Salud Program. 09
2005 September Grant Pyle Dr. Eric J. Pyle (Associate Professor, Geology and Environmental Science) received $204,411 from the Virginia Department of Education to develop a statewide network in the Earth sciences, specialized Earth science courses, an increased pool of endorsed teachers and increased student achievement on the Earth science Standards of Learning test. 09
2005 September Presentation Showell Donakowski Dotas Dobner Haney Pope Stevens Piitz Walders Rierson Kirkdorffer Barber Chandler Minor Pack Hilliard The School of Music was well represented at the eighth annual Staunton Music Festival held Aug. 20-28. Dr. Jeffrey Showell (Director and Professor), Dr. Carl Donakowski and Dr. Chuck Dotas (Associate Professors), Dr. Gabriel Dobner, Dr. Jason Haney, David Pope and Dr. Carrie Stevens (Assistant Professors) and Lori Piitz (Instructor) performed in festival concerts. Dr. Patrick Walders (Assistant Professor) directed the Madison Singers and Dr. Don Rierson (Assistant Professor) was stage director for a production of "Hercules," Handel's three-act musical drama performed during the festival. Dr. Michele Kirkdorffer (Associate Professor), Drs. Susan Barber, Beth Chandler, Janice Minor and Abigail Pack (Assistant Professor), who make up the Montpelier Winds, also performed. Dobner and Dr. John Hilliard (Professor) are on the festival's board of directors. 09
2005 September Publication Leiding Reba Leiding (Assistant to the Dean, Libraries & Educational Technologies; Instructor, Technical & Scientific Communications) published "Using citation checking of undergraduate honors thesis bibliographies to evaluate library collections," in College & Research Libraries, 66(5), 417-429. 09
2005 September Publication Oconner Sarah O'Connor (Assistant Professor, Writing and Rhetoric) had an article, "Survivor," published in the May 2005 issue of Commonwealth Magazine. The article will be reprinted in Tough Times Companion, a publication of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, this fall. 09
2005 September Publication Pham Dr. J. Peter Pham (Assistant Professor, Justice Studies) had a review essay on suicide terrorism, "Killing to Make a Killing," published in the Fall 2005 issue, No. 81, of The National Interest, a quarterly foreign policy journal. 09
2005 September Publication Evans Evans, S.W. (2005). Book Review: Academic Success Strategies for Adolescents with Learning Disabilities & ADHD. Attention! (CHADD), April, 20. 09
2005 September Publication Evans Evans, S.W., Axelrod, J.L., & Langberg, J. (2004). Efficacy of a school-based treatment program for middle school youth with ADHD: Pilot data. Behavior Modification, 28, 528-547. 09
2005 September Publication Evans Evans, S.W., Molina, B., & Smith, B. (2005). Getting started in treatment development of middle school based services. In Balance (newsletter of APA division 53), 20(1), 3. 09
2005 September Publication Evans Evans, S.W., Serpell, Z., & White, C. (2005). The Transition to middle school: Preparing for challenge and success. Attention! (CHADD), in press. 09
2005 September Publication Grayson Dr. Joann H. Grayson (2005, Spring). Family Support: A Way to Prevent Maltreatment.. Virginia Child Protection Newsletter, 73, 1-16. 09
2005 September Publication Grayson Dr. Joann H. Grayson (2005, Summer). Virginia Unveils Prevention Plan! Prevention Evaluation. How do we know if Child Abuse Prevention is Effective? Virginia Child Protection Newsletter, 74, 1-16. 09
2005 September Publication Harris Abrahamson Huffman Halonen, J.S.,Harris, C. M., Pastor, D. A.,Abrahamson, C. E., &Huffman, C.J. (2005). Assessing general education outcomes in introductory psychology. In D. S. Dunn & S. L. Chew (Eds.), Best Practices for Teaching Introduction to Psychology (pp. 195-208). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. 09
2005 September Publication Barron Harackiewicz, J.M., Durik, A., & Barron, K.E. (2005). Multiple goals, optimal motivation, and the development of interest. In J. Forgas, K. Williams, S. Laham (Eds.) Social Motivation: Conscious and Unconscious Processes (pp. 21-39). New York, NY: Psychology Press. 09
2005 September Publication Saville Zinn Saville, B. K., Zinn, T. E., & Hevern, V. W. (Eds.). (2005). Essays from e-xcellence in teaching, 2004. 09
2005 September Publication Saville Zinn Saville, B., K., Zinn, T. E., & Elliott, M. P. (2005). Interteaching versus traditional methods of instruction: A preliminary analysis. Teaching of Psychology, 32, 161-163. 09
2005 September Publication Evans Weist, M.D. & Evans, S.W. (2005). Expanded school mental health: Challenges and opportunities in an emerging field. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 34, 3-6. 09