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Centennial Strategic Plan

2006-07 Initiatives


Linwood H. Rose charged the Centennial Commission in 1998 to define the characteristics that would ideally describe the university at its centennial in 2008. As the next phase in this comprehensive strategic planning effort President Rose charged the Madison Commission in August 2005 to review the university's mission, vision and value statements to determine if they were appropriate to guide our university planning beyond the centennial through 2012.

This report presents James Madison University's mission statement, vision and values; proposed 2006-07initiatives to achieve the six strategic emphasis characteristics and their 2008 performance indicators; a list of other characteristics; and a summary of ways in which progress toward achieving the characteristics will be realized.

The planning, implementation and positive evaluation of literally hundreds of new initiatives, achieved in the last eight years and expected in the coming two years, have and will bring about significant change in James Madison University . It is through these changes and our sustained efforts that we will be successful in providing the highest quality education in a student-centered environment.

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