Edith J. Carrier Arboretum and Botanical Gardens at JMU

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Driving Directions

Parking for the EJC Arboretum

Parking is available in two small, in-grounds parking lots, one lot at the Frances Plecker Education Center, (FPEC) and the other at the Pavilion. Both lots are accessible through stone-column, wrought-iron gated entry drives on University Blvd. between Carrier Dr. and Driver Dr., without a JMU Parking Permit (permit).

Arboretum visitor guest parking is also available in Convocation Center (Convo) Lots F & G accessed from Driver Dr. and University Blvd., and is also available in Lot R-5, the Upper Arboretum Lot on University Blvd., on an as-available basis without a permit, after 4:00 pm Fridays throughout weekends until dusk Sundays, while semesters are in session.

Through summer and winter breaks, when JMU is not in session, parking is available in Convo F & G lots and the Upper Arboretum Lot R-5 from dawn to dusk, daily without a permit. The arboretum closes and all arboretum parking lots close at dusk daily.

If parking in Convo Lots F & G while JMU is in-session when permits are required for parking, arboretum public visitors without a permit may pull up to the stairs at the FPEC, come indoors to the office and receive a temporary, limited use permit for Convocation Center Lots F & G, and then park in those lots, and then freely enjoy an arboretum visit. Please use the map above on this page to view all arboretum parking lots.

(Registered JMU students who park in the two small in-grounds arboretum parking lots and leave the arboretum for any reason or any length of time, with or without permits, are subject to citation. Arboretum in-grounds lots are restricted limited-use lots for arboretum guests, visitors, program attendees only. JMU students who attend arboretum events and programs, may park in the two small in-grounds lots for duration of their program or event.)

Occasional arboretum event parking on University Blvd. east side, above the arboretum large lawn, is available when No Parking signs are covered in black plastic.

Grounds open free to the public, dawn to dusk, 365 days a year.
The Arboretum offices in the Frances Plecker Ed Center are open weekdays. Calls and emails are answered from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, except holidays. Check the website calendar for holiday closings.

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Edith J. Carrier Arboretum and Botanical Gardens at James Madison University
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