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(Left) David Grimm ('74) and Debbie Elza Grimm ('74) of Norfolk married on Aug. 28, 2004.
(Right) Colleen Alisuag ('02) and Mike Jakubowski ('02) tied the knot
July 31, 2004.
Purple passion can find you no matter how many years or miles you are removed from the 'Burg.


Happily ever after the 'Burg


With thousands of prospects on campus, it's not uncommon for Cupid to set romance in motion for a couple while in the 'Burg. Knowing how fleeting campus romances can be -- while beer goggles abound and dating is an extinct practice -- it's pretty impressive to see a cuple survive the test of time and transition into the real world and get married. For some couples, Cupid's purple and gold arrows struck a decade or two removed from the 'Burg, at, of all places, alumni chapter events.


Wedding plans have been a frequent topic of conversation during 2004 Tidewater Alumni Chapter Third Thursdays at AJ Gators, a local watering hole. Six happy-hour regulars were involved in three weddings in 2004.


Colleen Alisuag ('02) and Mike Jakubowski ('02), the youngest of the Tidewater wedding trio, tied the knot July 31, 2004. The couple dated while at JMU and transitioned their relationship into a real-world success.


Despite spending the same four years at JMU, Suzanne Wilson Jones ('93) and Chris Jones ('93) first met at the inaugural Tidewater Alumni Chapter Third Thursday happy hour in February 2003. They talked that night and at ensuing alumni happy hours, finding out that their paths had unknowingly crossed several times while in the 'Burg.  While both are very passionate about their alma mater, neither expected they would end up with someone with matching purple pride a decade after graduation. The couple married on July 24, 2004.


The Tidewater version of a Grimm's fairy-tale romance ironically started in the 'Burg even before David Grimm ('74) and Debbie Elza ('74) thought about college.  They were grade-school buddies and college sweethearts before going their separate ways after graduation. Each married, had children, and divorced before reuniting and finally marrying on Aug. 28, 2004. David has long been a fixture of JMU alumni activity in Tidewater, founding the local Duke Club Chapter and serving as its first president. Debbie was an active Duke Club member in Fredericksburg and has become a regular at Tidewater alumni events since moving to the area.


Kerry Callahan Mandulak ('96, '98M) and David Mandulak ('98) prove that Cupid shoots his purple and gold arrows in chapter events outside Virginia, too. David, a chapter leader for the N.C. Triangle Alumni Chapter, met Kerry at a chapter event. The couple married on Aug. 7, 2004. Kerry is a speech pathologist and David is a financial adviser.


Purple passion can find you no matter how many years or miles you are removed from the 'Burg. Can't find Mr. or Ms. Right? You've been looking for love in all the wrong places. Get involved in an alumni chapter event.


Story by Kelly Stefanko ('94),

Tidewater Alumni Chapter President