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LIVE DATE: 03-04-03

KILL DATE:03-04-04

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CONSTITUENCY (Retain those that apply; delete the rest): Student, Parent, Alumni

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KEYWORDS (comma-separated list): all together one, Alternative Spring Break, Peace Corps, Community Service-Learning, Big Brothers Big Sisters

Morgana Wallace's the one …

who helped run JMU's award-winning Alternative Spring Break program and made three service trips before she set off on a Peace Corps assignment

Major: Art

Minors: Art Education and Middle Education

Hometown: Glen Ridge, N.J.

JMU Highlights

all together one student awardee; helped run the award-winning Alternative Spring Break program and went on trips three years; ran Zirkle House Galleries, the East's only student-run gallery; wants to teach after she gets back from a Peace Corps assignment.

What's been the best part of your JMU experience?

The opportunities. I have found that I can pursue my many interests and begin an endless adventure discovering new information, experiencing new things and meeting new people. Some of these awesome opportunities include Community Service-Learning - specifically the alternative break program, UREC, Zirkle House Galleries and, of course, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Harrisonburg.

What do you want to do after you graduate?

I want to teach in as many capacities as possible. I will start in the Peace Corps and possibly continue my education in grad school studying philanthropy or nonprofit work or education itself.

Do you remember what attracted you to JMU?

When I was looking for a school, I wanted a good liberal arts school. I visited lots of schools and was just really drawn to JMU. Where I'm from in New Jersey people rarely hold doors, and the people down here were so friendly that I just couldn't resist it. I really wanted to be in the mountains and near the woods a lot more than I was up north, being from a town right outside New York City. This campus is really pretty, and the mountains and the woods are beautiful.

Would you recommend JMU?

Most definitely! It is in a beautiful part of the country, has some of the friendliest people in the country and offers one of the best liberal arts educations in the country.

Has this place met your expectations?

It has gone beyond my expectations. I wanted to learn and earn a degree and grow as a person, but I had no idea I would discover so many passions and be able to pursue all of them. JMU allowed me to give to its community in so many ways, and it gave back to me in so many ways also. My success at JMU is so much more than what I had expected to achieve, and I am so grateful to its faculty, staff and students for such an incredible undergrad experience. The opportunities I've had to grow have been amazing. I made the right choice.

- Bill Gentry