Spring 1997

In Every Issue

Dukes Digest

• A Bright Shining Star, Sherman Dillard Comes Home
• Moorman Bows to the Court
• Dukes Dominate CAA in Men's Swimming

Alumni News

• Alumni Association Awards Seven Scholarships

What's in a Name?

How the Montpelier magazine was named.

The Great Little Madison

Learn about America's underappreciated fourth president.

Common Ground, Archaeology Ties JMU and Montpelier Through History

JMU students past and present excavate history.

Montpelier: Madison's Lifelong Home

A closer look at the restored home of James and Dolley Madison.

Marching Royal Dukes Parade Presidential Timbre

The JMU marching band performs at the second inaguration of President Clinton.

Class Acts, A Campus Mosaic of Gifts

As each class graduates from JMU they leave a collective gift behind.

Get Psyched: JMU Grants First Doctoral Degrees

Vivian Begali and Liliane Burns are the first graduates of JMU's Doctor of Psychology degree program.

Tory Schroeder

JMU graduate Tory Schroeder leaves a lasting impression on Harrisonburg.
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Montpelier is an official publication of James Madison University. It is produced quarterly for JMU faculty and staff members, alumni, parents of JMU students, donors, and friends of the university. The publication is named for the home of James and Dolley Madison. Montpelier is produced by the Division of University and Constituent Relations. Editorial and advertising offices are located at 12 Medical Arts East MSC 5701, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA 22807.

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