Minor Coordinator

Mary Thompson (English)

(540) 568-3758

Advisory Board

Alison Bodkin (School of Comm.)

Jessica Davidson (History)

Matt Ezzell (Sociology)  

Dawn Goode (English)

Becca Howes-Mischel (Anthropology)

Besi Muhonja (English)

Louise Temple-Rosebrook (ISAT)    

Kristin Wylie (Poltical Science)  

Cross Disciplinary Studies and Diversity Engagement (home academic unit)

A.J. Morey

Associate Vice Provost

(540) 568-7990

Emily Neighbors

Event Planner and Curriculum Support Specialist

(540) 568-7998

Teaching Faculty



Courses Taught


Becca Howes-Mischel

ANTH 370 "The Anthropology of Gender"

Art History

Maureen Shanahan

HONR 300 "Women and Film"


Katey Castellano

ENG 327 "The Gothic"

Allison Fagan

ENG 360 "Latino/a Voices"

Dawn Goode

ENG 370 "Queer Literature"

WGS 325 "Gender and Violence"

Laura Henigman

ENG 410 "Harriet Beecher Stowe"

Debali Mookerjea-Leonard

ENG 466 "South Asian Women Writers"

A.J. Morey

ENG 368 "Women's Literature"

ENG 304 "Feminist Perspectives on

Literature and Religion"

Besi Muhonja

WGS 300 "Africana Women in the Media"

Mary Thompson

ENG 368 "Women's Literature"

ENG 369 "Feminist Theory"

ENG 410 "Toni Morrison"

Sian White

ENG 410 "Virginia Woolf"

Health Sciences

Kathy Ott Walter

WGS 301E "Women's Health Issues"

HTH 390 "Topics in Health Sciences"


David Owusu-Ansah

WGS 495 "Study Abroad in Ghana"

Jessica Davidson

HIST 321 “European Women’s History”

HIST 449 “Women and Fascism”

Kevin Borg

HIST 327 “Technology in America”

Kristen McCleary

HIST 448 “Gender in Latin America”

Bill Van Norman

HIST 448 “Gender in Latin America”

Emily Westkaemper

HIST 320 “Women in U.S. History”


Jennifer Connerley

WGS 300 "Women, Power and Religion

in the US"

WGS 400 "Creating the Campus: Women,

Gender, Diversity and Social Media


Louise Temple-Rosebrook

ISAT 485 “Gender Issues in Science”

Justice Studies

Sue Spivey

JUST 341 “Gender and Justice”

Military Science

Amy Underwood

MSCI 350 “American Women at War”


Sandra Annan

NURS 490 “Issues of Family Violence”


Pia Antolic-Piper

PHIL 350 “The Philosophy of Feminism”

Political Science

Kristin Wylie

POSC 383 “Women and Politics”


Emily Gravett

REL 315 “Women and Religion”

(School of) Communications

Melissa Alemán

SCOM 348 “Communication and Gender”

WGS 200 

Alison Bodkin

WGS/SCOM 348 “Communication and


WGS 200

WRTC 420 “Feminist Rhetorics"

Sharon Mazzarella

WGS 300 "Girlhood, Identity and Pop



Bethany Bryson

SOCI 337 “Sociology of Gender”

Matt Ezzell

SOCI 336 “Race and Ethnicity”

WGS 325 “Gender and Violence"

Writing, Rhetoric and Tech. Comm.

Cathryn Molloy

WRTC 420 “Feminist Rhetorics”

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