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Breakout Panel Sessions: Discover Your JMU Passion

A) Competing for Future Dukes: JMU’s Biggest Challenge

We can all take pride in the rapid ascent of JMU’s academic reputation over the last two decades. Today we compete with state flagship universities and nationally known private colleges for the most promising and deserving students. They want to choose JMU. Learn about the caliber of these students, why we’re losing many of them to the competition and why it’s so important for the future of JMU that they come to Madison. Hear from JMU administrators and student scholarship recipients about what it takes to earn that coveted Madison Experience in today’s economic climate.

B) The Professor-Student Relationship: The Essence of the Madison Experience

That’s what it boils down to. A national Gallup-Purdue survey concluded that college graduates who had at least one professor who made them excited about learning, cared about them as a person and acted as a mentor have more than double the odds of being engaged at work and thriving with a sense of well-being. And that’s what Madison does best. Hear from our professors, students and alumni about how they work together, the value of teaching and mentoring, undergraduate scholarly activity and research, and the rewards and challenges of sustaining this uniquely JMU success story.

C) What is the Engaged University?

Learn about the benefits of engaged learning, community engagement and civic engagement at JMU. Hear from professors and students from some of JMU’s signature programs, all of which challenge them to ask “What is possible?” They’ll talk about the joys and challenges of creating, pursuing and living transformational experiences that educate by going far beyond the classroom. All of them prepare our students to be educated and enlightened citizens who lead productive and meaningful lives.

D) Our Beautiful Campus: What’s Next for JMU?

Campus is always changing. On the morning bus tour, you will see for yourself how campus has changed since your last visit. At this afternoon session, you’ll hear from JMU administrators about plans for the future of campus. You’ll also see videos of the future College of Business Learning Complex and the future Convocation Center, which are now in the design phase and will move toward construction in the next few years.

E) Building Champions: The Student-Athlete Experience

When JMU won the 2016 National Football Championship, it also further highlighted the championship culture that permeates all of our athletics programs and what it means to be a student-athlete at Madison. Hear from JMU administrators and student-athletes about their experiences and values both on and off the playing field. Learn what it takes to be a champion at JMU.


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