Cathy Nagel enjoyed a fulfilling career as a banker for 18 years, and another 18 as a teacher/administrator with Los Angeles Unified School District. She has a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Pepperdine University, and a Masters in Educational Administration from Cal State Los Angeles. She met her husband of 42 years at Bank of America. While she trained him as a teller, he generously offered to help her paint her house. They have been avidly honing carpentry, electrical and plumbing skills--and remain loving remodelers to this day. 

Upon retirement, Cathy’s career became even more rewarding when she and Scott were privileged to become full time “parents” to their grandson, Christian Embrey (’16), who is presently working for Deloitte in Arlington, VA.  “What a joy!”

Volunteer activities have included working with Habitat for Humanity, the Woolridge Athletic Association, an RVA mentoring program in the inner city as well as serving as PTA board members in their grandson’s schools.  As PTA treasurer for 3 plus years at Cosby High School, Cathy was instrumental in saving the school several thousand dollars in fees and taxes. Of course, she and husband Scott volunteer whenever they can for JMU, Choices, First-Year Send Offs, College Fairs, etc.  They consider playing Mr. and Mrs. Santa and elf at various venues to be their favorite gift to each other every Christmas season.

It was in 2012 that they started bleeding purple as a family, very honored to have been the first Grandparents accepted to the JMU Parents Council. They are still active members in the Duke Club, never missing a home game, and traveling to those away whenever possible. The Nagel tailgates are famous! 

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