Representative democracy works best when all perspectives are represented in political and decision-making processes. Yet, not everyone can equally access, express voice or participate in democracy. ONE way to have your voice heard is by voting. Dukes Vote is planning these events around the elections to increase informed participation. Join us!

2018 Voter Guide


The James Madison Center for Civic Engagement and students of Professor Andreas Broscheid's Honors Political Science Class are please to present the James Madison University 2018 Voter Guide. The guide includes biographical profiles provided by all candidates standing for election in the Senate, Congressional, Harrisonburg City Council and Harrisonburg School Board races. In addition, it includes all candidate reponses' to student questionaires.

Thank you to all the candidates and their campaigns for taking the time to respond to questions and provide information so that our communities can make informed decisions on Election Day.

This Student Voter Education Guide is brought to you by: Students of Professor Andreas Broscheid’s Honors Political Science Class: Sophie Brause, Calvin Chenault, Kasey Clayton, Grant Colip, Kathleen Connor, Madison Dobscha, Madalyn Ferlazzo, Makeda Fikremariam, Michael Friedman, Aliyah Hall, Charlie Hines, Meredith Lawing, Abby Maltese, Eric Maxwell, Lindsey Monito, Riya Patel, Zach Pennycuff, Lauren Slaughter, William Tyler Strosnider, Ben Uehlinger; and by staff of the James Madison Center for Civic Engagement: Ysabella Chua (Design and Layout), Dr. Carah Ong Whaley.

Walk Together to the Polls

Millions of people who are eligible to vote in the Midterm election won’t. However, not voting makes it more difficult to express your views and hold elected officials accountable.

One way to counteract the tendency to not vote is to make it social. Dukes Vote encourages you to organize a walk to the poll with your hallmates, friends and family. 

First things first, you can only vote where you are registered! Make sure to check your polling location, which is available on the Virginia Department of Elections website and under an expandable section located beneath the green “continue” button. Need help? Consult our Voter Registration and Voting Guide. Third, get to walkin’ to #votetogether and rock the vote!



Party at the Precinct

Did you know that participating in voting celebrations increases voter turnout between 1 and 4 percent? Celebrate democracy and the election with Dukes Vote at our Party at the Precinct. In 2018, we partnered with Professors Dave Stringham and Jesse Rathgeber's music classes to host a #VoteTogether party at JMU's on-campus precinct. Here's a highlight reel.

Election Night Party

Join us after polls close on Election Day (November 6, 2018) from 7-10 PM in Madison Union Ballroom. We'll be mixing substance and entertainment in our Election Night Watch Party. There will be free food and Cheerwine samples; live music by DJ Goldenboy and political poetry readings from Furious Flower Poetry Center. Jennifer Domagal-Goldman from the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge will also be joining us.



Valid Photo ID
Election VANguard

Just in case you have trouble getting to the polls in Harrisonburg on , we rented a JMU van...because we're just that awesome. Van will run continuous route from 7 am until 7 pm. Go into your precinct, #VoteTogether & wait for a return ride back to campus.


Making Sense of the Midterm Elections

Election hangover? We've got the remedy! Join us for four expert takes on the outcome of the Midterm Elections and a discussion of implications of the elections for governance.


Traveling Candidate Town Hall

Hear from local, Congressional and Senate candidates and make informed choices before you vote on Election Day!


AbsenTea Time

As a student, you have the privilege of voting either at your "permanent" address (e.g. where your family lives) or where you reside in your college town. You just have to remember to register where you want to vote and vote where you register. If you choose to vote using your "permanent" address, you MUST request an absentee ballot. You can still make absentee voting a fun and social experience. We're partnering with Mad4U @ JMU and hosting an AbsenTea Time, but you can also host your own with friends, hallmates or your student org!


Watch our DIY "How to Fill Out An Absentee Ballot Request"

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