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At Vocal Arts Camp, talented elementary, middle and high school singers will have the opportunity to share in a weeklong summer experience of choral singing! In addition to daily rehearsals, movement classes and group social activities, campers receive daily Kodály-based and Orff musicianship classes.


Throughout history, music and music making have maintained cherished positions in human life and evolution. Spanning and interfacing with all aspects of human existence, “music is universal, cultural and individual”. An art form and vehicle for communication, knowledge and the transmitting of cultural import, as well as expression, sharing, and entertainment, the medium of music is an inseparable component of both cultural unity and diversity. As such, music is also an inseparable component of learning and education. Music “exalts the human spirit.”

Current music education research affirms that when human beings gather together in music-making, participants experience the possibility of group magic in musical performing (Sawyer, 2006), the creation of a ‘musical we’ (Schultz, 1964) and the ‘letting go of self to be with others’ (Hudak, 1999). These kinds of accelerated learning experiences through music have long been the rationale of the JMU Vocal Arts Camp.  


The JMU Vocal Arts Camp has served the greater Shenandoah Valley and state of Virginia for many years as a summer choral experience of safety, learning, musical excellence and community. At Vocal Arts, life-long friendships are forged, and authentic, meaningful musical experiences are shared and celebrated!

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