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At the JMU Vocal Arts Camp, talented elementary, middle and high school singers have the opportunity to share in a summer experience of singing in a wide range of music genres! Thanks to the global accessibility of the Internet, as well as TV shows like “The Sing Off” and world-famous groups such as Pentatonix, vocal ensemble singing in the 21st Century has created more excitement in the world than we have seen in generations!

To adapt to these exciting new changes in music culture, the JMU Vocal Arts Camp expanded the curricular offerings to include a new variety of ensembles and musical genres. In addition to our traditional offerings of both large and small contemporary choral ensembles, we will be providing exciting opportunities for your campers in:

Musical Theater!   -   A cappella Groups (Think Pentatonix!)   -   A Modern Instrumental-Vocal Band!   -   And More!

As always, we will be emphasizing healthy singing with ensembles taught by professional classical and musical theater singers, as well as Kodaly/solfege-based music pedagogy.


The JMU Vocal Arts Camp has served the greater Shenandoah Valley and state of Virginia for many years as a summer choral experience of safety, learning, musical excellence and community. At Vocal Arts, life-long friendships are forged, and authentic, meaningful musical experiences are shared and celebrated!

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