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 Renewing our CIVIL SOCIETY

Honors College

YOU INVEST IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSITY when you make a gift to the Honors College, because Honors students are wholly engaged in the Madison Experience. They major in every academic program and participate in almost every undergraduate organization — and with such extensive personal interaction with peers all across JMU, Honors students raise the academic standards of the university as a whole.

JMU offers one of the oldest and most respected Honors experiences in higher education, designed for gifted students who demonstrate a desire to do something distinctive and extraordinary for the world.


When you invest in the Honors College, you help raise JMU’s overall academic strength and attract strong prospective students throughout the university. Ultimately, your investment brings heightened academic prestige to JMU.

Endowment for Excellence
For a college as young and ambitious as the JMU Honors College, endowed discretionary funds for the dean to use for further development are invaluable. Resources are critical for reinforcing our interdisciplinary Honors curriculum, supporting extraordinary students and student experiences, upholding the high quality of the faculty, and providing sustained opportunities for meaningful faculty-student interaction.

Faculty Excellence
Top faculty scholars draw outstanding students and colleagues to JMU, encourage students to pursue their dreams, and raise the overall achievement of JMU. Your investment reinforces teaching and mentoring students across the board in the Honors College, helping our students to make the educational decisions that will advance their personal and career aspirations and help them in renewing our civil society.

Recruitment Scholarships
Prospective students seeking an honors education are accepted by many so-called elite universities and receive many scholarship offers. While they want to choose JMU’s distinctive and innovative curriculum and intensive engagement experiences, we lose many students to universities that have more scholarships to offer. Your investment in the Honors College can help bring more of them to JMU.

Faculty-Mentored and Engaged Learning Scholarships
Your gift can help more Honors students design and undertake extraordinary transformative learning opportunities like Honors Alternative Spring Break, Honors Study Abroad, and other customized Honors Pathway experiences. Further, your investment in a scholarship that includes a professor’s participation will help sustain the faculty-student relationships at the heart of the Honors College.


Be part of a vanguard of visionary donors whose love of learning and passion for the world rival those of our Honors students. The JMU Honors College is poised to lead, and the time is now. We recognize that educating critically engaged citizens and thoughtful leaders of change for our world is as bold and ambitious as it is urgent. We invite you to make an extraordinary investment and unleash the hopes and dreams of our students for a better world.


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