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 Advancing our UNDERSTANDING

DELIVERING ON JMU'S PROMISE to prepare educated and enlightened citizens requires a robust community of scholars who engage students in the collaborative construction and application of knowledge through intellectual pursuits in teaching, learning, research, inquiry, creative activity and service. That’s a community characterized by equal parts intellect and action.


Your investment in the academic foundations of the university will help support our programs of distinction, as well as recruit and retain the top faculty members who build them while they advance knowledge in their fields. Most important, your investment will help sustain the professor-student relationships that have characterized JMU throughout our history and help produce graduates who, according to a national Gallup poll, possess a greater sense of purpose and personal well-being than those from other top schools. You’ll help JMU continue to prepare students determined to lead lives of meaning and pursue careers of purpose.

Unleash the impact of the priorities listed on this page with your gift today. Or contact us to find out how your investment can best serve this campaign goal and make JMU the national leader it’s destined to become.

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