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 Advancing our UNDERSTANDING

Entrepreneurship Initiative

CONFIDENCE, KNOWLEDGE, RISK-TAKING, determination, independence, delegation, disruption, profitability, relationships and selling. Gallup identified the top 10 hallmarks of people who successfully build and grow businesses, and our students cultivate precisely these characteristics when they study and practice entrepreneurship at JMU. As key workforce assets, the entrepreneurial skills and mindset Dukes develop here can launch them into all kinds of businesses startups and side hustles, self-employment, solo practices and social ventures, small and midsize companies almost anywhere, at all levels, benefitting nearly any organization.


More JMU students want to gain entrepreneurial knowledge and skills than we currently have capacity to accommodate. Your investment can help extend access to our curricula through scholarships; expand the minor, currently limited to 20 students; support more student ventures; create new internships; institute signature programs; and innovate new ways to incorporate entrepreneurship across campus.

Below are the areas in which an investment in entrepreneurship can make the most sweeping impact.

Provide much-needed support not only for students majoring in management with a concentration in innovation and entrepreneurship, but also those who have the drive to build a business in the Venture Creation Accelerator, or who are academic standouts pursuing the entrepreneurship minor.

A nascent network of professors who integrate entrepreneurship into all of the academic disciplines, these Faculty Fellows are central to spreading and embedding the Entrepreneurship Initiative across campus. With your investment, you can help ensure that every college has a number of these Faculty Fellows to expand and deepen the entrepreneurial spirit at JMU.

Enable faculty from any of the university’s seven colleges, several libraries, and dozens of academic centers and institutes to pursue and publish research on entrepreneurship in all of its forms.


Interdisciplinary and collaborative, the elements of entrepreneurship can and should be learned by all students, whether they are business majors or not. Musicians, athletes, medical professionals, visual artists, writers, engineers, scientists — name the profession, and there’s someone in it with an enterprising dream. 



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