James Madison University student sitting on the quad
photo of empty diner

Welcome to “Our Moment in Time,” a new gallery show inspired by the pandemic, social issues and recent life at JMU since 2020. The photos featured in this exhibit are the works of nine individual students reflecting upon this shared experience. The photographers, who come from different majors and backgrounds, all share a unique approach to the theme, but their differing perspectives fit together to create one broad image of this moment in time.

“Our Moment in Time” encompasses the moment we live in now and the effect that social issues and our place in the world can have on the individual. Many of these photos evoke a sense of loneliness while others evoke community, reflecting the physical distances we have endured, and the emotional distances that have closed between us in the last several years. “Our Moment in Time” truly depicts the way we come together and grow apart through each photographer’s unique use of light, color, composition and energy.

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