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JMU students ages 18 and older can rent vehicles using Zipcar!

Zipcar has temporarily suspended services on campus due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

is a nationally recognized, 24/7 car sharing service. Car sharing allows students to rent Zipcars, which are located at the festival parking lot (C12) and at the Cantrell Avenue Parking Deck. Rental fees are based on an hourly or daily rate. Gas, insurance, and an E-Z Pass are included in the rental fees.

How Zipcar Works

After registering for the Zipcar service, Zipcar will conduct a background check on the renter’s driving record and will send the renter a Zipcar card upon approval. After receiving the Zipcar card, the renter can go to the Zipcar site or use the Zipcar app to check on car availability and reserve a Zipcar. When you arrive to pick up your Zipcar, you must use your Zipcar card to unlock the car, making it available to drive. At the end of the reservation, you must return the car to the Zipcar pickup location and then use your Zipcar card again to lock the car. Zipcar will then charge your credit card on file.

Cost of Zipcar

Special student rates are available to those with a university email account. Membership costs $25 per year, with hourly rates starting at $7.50 and daily rates starting at $69. Overage fees will be applied if the car is not returned by the end of the reservation or if the trip mileage allotments are exceeded.

When students register for the service, they will receive a $35 credit for their first ride. 

Click here for more information on Zipcar at JMU.

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