Note: This workshop is capped at 16 participants.

Total Workshop Time: 90 Minutes

Pre-requisites: None


In this workshop participants will learn:

  • Benefits of creating a lifetime income stream
  • Specifics on how TIAA Traditional can amplify an income base in retirement and increase the longevity of an overall portfolio
  • Comparisons to other asset classes (fixed income, bonds)
  • How to protect against outliving income as people are having longer lifespans
  • The make-up of the TIAA Traditional and Real Estate portfolios
  • How to diversify risk with direct commercial real estate investment through TIAA Real Estate
  • The income options from TIAA-Traditional

Facilitated by: The Senior Director with TIAA-CREF Asset Management

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Type: Single Session

Level: Fundamental

Competency: HR Policy and Processes

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