Note: This workshop is capped at 16 people.

Total Workshop Time: 2 Hours

Pre-requisites: None.

Description: The benefits of our modern and efficient world do not come without a cost.  For many of us that cost is an excessively sedentary lifestyle.  With long hours at our desks, commutes and relaxing at home in front of TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones, many of us spend 8 hours or more sitting each day – that’s more time than most of us  spend sleeping! And, it may be surprising that the latest research shows that even a dedicated exerciser cannot make up for the negative effects of sitting all day with a daily workout. Inactivity isn’t only expanding our waistlines and draining our energy, it is literally killing us.  It’s time to find a better balance between time on our feet and time on our rears.

Facilitated by: Kristina Fischbach, CommonHealth Regional Coordinator

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Type: Single Session

Level: Fundamental

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