Total Workshop Time: 3 Hours

Pre-requisites: None


To lead with a clear purpose simply means to use goals as a motivator for teams. For goals to motivate people, they must be challenging, positive, and realistic. The team must have its own goals that support the larger organization’s goals. Some ways the team leader can ensure that the team has clear purpose are to lead the team in defining its mission, stating and publishing its goals, tracking progress toward those goals, revising the goals as needed, and holding results-oriented team meetings that propel the team toward completing its goals.

Participants will:

  • Learn about leadership styles and when to use each style.
  • Learn about the controlling leader cycle.
  • Gain an understanding of what teams need.
  • Gain an understanding of team roles.
  • Learn about leadership values and practices.
  • Learn about using mission, vision and value statements to guide team actions.
  • Learn why it is important to establish team norms and how to establish them.
  • Learn to leading results-oriented meetings using results-oriented objectives.

Facilitated by: Gail Napora, Director, Talent Development

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Type: Single Session

Competency: Leadership

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