What is it?

The Living Leadership Certificate provides a framework for JMU Administrative and Professional (A&P) faculty and Classified staff whether individual contributors, team leaders, or supervisors to reinforce and practice skills associated with successful leaders. Four of the Talent Development competencies are used: 

Workshops must be completed within three years. Once requirements have been completed, tracking sheets and materials are due by the deadline set by Talent Development (typically October). Some workshops may need to be repeated if they are not attended within the three year timeframe in order to receive a certificate.

How to enroll in this program:

  1. Complete the Notice of Intent to Participate Form. *
  2. Enroll in the required workshops in MyMadison.
  3. Use the Living Leadership Tracking Sheet to track your progress.
  4. Once you have completed all of the required courses, please submit your tracking sheet to Talent Development, MSC 5808 or td@jmu.edu 

*  The date that the Notice of Intent to Participate Form is submitted determines the “start” date for all workshops which must be completed within three years. For 2022 only, there will be a waiver for Leader Practices Workshops taken May 2022 through September 2022 (meaning intent to participate can be submitted up to October 2022 with credit for Leader Practices workshops taken May-September).

Required Workshops:

Leader Practices

(6 required, 6 self selected) 
  • TD2586 - Leading Change: Sell the Vision 
  • TD2598 - Growing People/Teams: Build Team Spirit 
  • TD2601 - Planning & Execution: Create Urgency 
  • TD2583 - Persuasion & Influence: Influence Others 
  • TD2602 - Solving Problems & Making Decision: Focus on Customers 
  • TD2603 - Interpersonal Skills: Speak with Charisma 
  • Leader Practices page Choose 6 workshops of your choice.
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
(2 Required, 2 self selected)
  • TD2238 - 8 Dimensions of Leadership  
  • TD1153 - Confronting Bias for an Inclusive Workplace 
  • DEI page - Choose 2 workshops of your choice
(2 Required have DEI component, 2 self selected) 
  • TD2553 - Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Leader  
  • TD2239 - How to Have Good Interactions at Work 
  • Communications page Choose 2 workshops of your choice
Team Building
(2 Required, 2 self selected) 

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