2021 Summer Undergraduate Tuition


What is the undergraduate tuition for summer session?


VA residents pay $420 per credit hour.             
(Includes online fees)

Non-VA residents pay $987 per credit hour.
(Includes online fees)

See University Business Office for more information


     Examples of tuition by credit hour and residency:                    

# Credit hours

VA Resident

Non-VA Resident

 1 credit hour course



 3 credit hour course



 *College of Business courses may have an additional $50 per credit hour differential tuition cost.

When is my summer tuition due?

  • Summer tuition is due May 21st
  • Summer tuition statements are available on April 19th
  • An email is sent to JMU email accounts when the statement is available


How do I pay my summer tuition bill?

    • Payments are made through Madison Money Manager (M3)
    • Payment may be made via eCheck (no additional charge) or a credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). Credit/debit card payments are charged an additional 2.75% processing fee.
    • For a detailed walkthrough of Madison Money Manager, please take our M3 tour.
    • The JMU M3 information page with instructions on setting up your account is located at https://www.jmu.edu/ubo/m3.shtml
    • You will find more detailed information on the University Business Office


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