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A SHOUT OUT is intended to identify and recognize individuals or groups for a noteworthy act or effort. Examples of what might warrant a SHOUT OUT include:

  • Major accomplishments
  • Demonstrating the values of our division
  • Exhibiting excellence
  • Collaborating in new and unique ways
  • Going above and beyond expectations

Send someone a SHOUT OUT

A SHOUT OUT to Moriah Fallon in the Counseling Center

Moriah is the glue of our Center --she holds everything together by supporting administrative tasks while also dedicating countless hours to organizing, cleaning, watering, and restocking.

A SHOUT OUT to Student Activities Coordinators in Student Activiites & Involvment

Huge shout out to the Student Activities team for their creativity, dedication, tireless & countless hours of work through their regular plus new programming efforts during the last week. You rock!

A SHOUT OUT to Lexi Swinimer in University Unions/Student Activities and Involvement

Mad props to Lexi Swinimer and the UPB team for putting together and pulling off First Night Fest. It was a fantastic way to welcome back our Dukes for the year.

A SHOUT OUT to Sarah Sunde in Orientation

So proud of our Orientation team, lead by the tireless Sarah Sunde. Great job in helping build a solid foundation for our first year and transfer students!

A SHOUT OUT to Bob Davis in University Unions/Festival

Huge Shout-Out to Bob Davis for his awesome support and assistance with all the various training and orientation events leading up to this semester. Always feel like we're in good hands in Festival.

A SHOUT OUT to Paula Lam in University Unions

Thank you to Paula Lam for her quick responses, creative problem solving, sage wisdom and advice, and overall awesomeness.

A SHOUT OUT to Sarah Frame in Orientation

Sarah Frame for her outstanding work leading FROG recruitment and hiring efforts. First-year students are fortunate to have her passion and energy in searching for FROGs who will serve as their mentors during their first year!

A SHOUT OUT to Jamie Williams and Jeremy Hawkins in CSL & University Unions

Jamie Williams and Jeremy Hawkins for their work researching, leading, and preparing a presentation about campus food insecurity and the need for a food pantry for the Madison Trust Investors.

A SHOUT OUT to Nick Dietrich in Orientation

Nick does a great job of managing details and logistics for the Orientation programs!

A SHOUT OUT to Mollie Zenz in Orientation

Kudos to Mollie for always having on point Orientation Social Media!

A SHOUT OUT to Chervon Moore in CMSS

Thank you for hosting and leading a fantastic Female Institute experience for 38 young ladies from around the U.S. (Summer, 2018)

A SHOUT OUT to Sarah Turman in Office of Orientation

Sarah Turman finished her first Summer Springboard this year in charge of the new class of Orientation Peer Advisers (OPA) with the office of orientation. Congratulations on a successful program!

A SHOUT OUT to Anna Lehnen & Megan Driver in SA&I and SSC

To Anna & Megan for another successful Madipalooza! We know it took a lot of volunteers to run this fun-filled event, but it required "mucho" work upfront. With bands, giveaways, food, carnival-like games, prizes, inflatables, and FUN for all JMU students. Thank you for all you do for JMU.

A SHOUT OUT to Paula Lam in University Unions

SHOUT OUT to Paula Lam, for all that she does, and continues to do for her students. She has truly done an AMAZING job, through the relationships she has created with her students!

A SHOUT OUT to Anya Kaszubowski in University Health Center

SHOUT OUT to Anya Kaszubowski for the amazing graphic design on the new Potty Mouth!

A SHOUT OUT to Debbie Pine in Orientation

For being honored for 25 years of service to JMU. Orientation is incredibly lucky to have your knowledge, attention to detail, expertise, commitment to customer service and excellence!!

A SHOUT OUT to Bob Davis in Festival

Bob and his staff provide exemplary customer service to those using spaces in the Festival. He is willing to work with customers to meet their needs, he is flexible and he always puts the customers first. Working with Bob is a joy!


Shout out to RJ for having challenging, developmental conversations with students. I witnessed RJ interact with a student who was late to an OSARP class and he was compassionate and firm.

A SHOUT OUT to Angela Ritchie in UHC

Shout out to Angela Ritchie for transforming Potty Mouth! The colors are vibrant, the graphics are eye catching, and the topics are relevant.

A SHOUT OUT to Bonnie Swank Powell in University Unions - Conference Services

Bonnie talks to a lot of people as the Coordinator of Registration Services, and consistently provides amazing customer service. In one recent call, a gentleman expressed interest in moving to the area, so Bonnie called the Chamber of Commerce and had them send him information about the Harrisonburg area! Above and beyond!

A SHOUT OUT to Amanda Whitestone in University Health Center

Kudos to Amanda and our UHC volunteer Damon Hayes for the speedy assembly of over 500 Dukes Step Up Safe Spring Break kits that will be distributed to JMU students over the next two weeks. We could not have done this without you!

A SHOUT OUT to Rob Morgan in IT Computing Support

Thanks for presenting the CAMMO training to student staff in ODS and CMSS! You provided skills that our students can use to make our programs and services more inclusive!

A SHOUT OUT to Twylla Kirchen in Occupational Therapy

Congrats being awarded a Madison Caucus for Gender Equality grant for your advocacy to address the gender wage gap via new lectures for your program. We certainly applaud your many contributions to the richness of not only the JMU community, but also the other communities in which you have served.

A SHOUT OUT to Christine Robinson in Justice Studies

Congrats being awarded a Madison Caucus for Gender Equality grant for your hard work examining how the ex-gay movement oppresses transgender and gender non-conforming people. We certainly applaud your many contributions to the richness of not only the JMU community, but also the other communities in which you have served.

A SHOUT OUT to Kristina Blyer and the UHC General Medicine Reception Assistants in University Health Center

Thank you so much for your care in setting up the UHC Mother's Rooms. I appreciate your smiling faces everyday as much as I appreciate the comfort and convenience of the rooms. What a wonderful resource for new mothers in our JMU Community!

A SHOUT OUT to Amish Pierce, Marian Cornelius, & Brittany Cover in Counseling Center

Big shout out to your dedication demonstrated w/ all the time & energy you put in rescheduling appts missed due to snow days! Your efforts are much appreciated by all of us!!

A SHOUT OUT to Phyllis Anderson in University Health Center

Thank you to Phyllis for always helping out with the UHC Update!

A SHOUT OUT to Summer Springboard Family Check-In Volunteers

Orientation programs couldn't succeed without the support of our campus partners. I would like to give a "Shout Out" to all those individuals for coming to the Student Success Center at 7am during the summer when you maybe didn't have to, but came anyways to support our Parent/Guest Check-In during our Transfer and First-Year Summer Springboard. I truly appreciated your dedication. Thank you!

A SHOUT OUT to Ann Simmons in UHC

A big Shout Out to Ann Simmons for all of her on-going hard work with the Fourwinds system and marketing the UHC!

A SHOUT OUT to David Gillette in Counseling Center

A SHOUT OUT to one of the most caring, thoughtful, hardworking people to exist. Thank you for all the support that you give to the Counseling Center staff as we come to you with our many requests (mostly for money and fitness tips.)

A SHOUT OUT to Melinda Fox in Counseling Center

From planning a center wide training in Veterans issues, to filling in IA appointments, to planning our social events, to providing support and supervision, your efforts are all so appreciated! You are always a ray of sunshine and are such an important part of the Counseling Center.

A SHOUT OUT to Katheryn Crothers in University Health Center

Katheryn began working for the Health Center at the end of August. In a short time, she has become an invaluable resource. Katheryn embodies the values of our department. She prioritizes relationships, she is compassionate, and she acts with integrity. Thank you Katheryn, for all you do to keep us well, in The Well.

A SHOUT OUT to Joan Houff in ORL

Shout out to Joan Houff as the 2015 Madison Award for Career Achievement recipient. Well deserved Joan!!!

A SHOUT OUT to Dr. Kevin Meaney in ORL

Shout out to Kevin for successfully defending his dissertation. Way to go, Dr. Meaney!!!

A SHOUT OUT to University Union Team in CMSS

We enjoy being neighbors with you in Madison Union and appreciate the many ways we have been able to collaborate and work together.

A SHOUT OUT to Steven Krzanowski in CMSS

A huge shout out to you and the D.E.E.P. Impact Team for your work with Orientation during 1787 and SON!!

A SHOUT OUT to De'Shay Turner in CMSS

Congratulations De'Shay on a great turn out for the Multicultural Leadership Summit! Students are excited, good stuff!!!

A SHOUT OUT to Chervon Moore in CMSS

Congratulations to Chervon for kicking off the academic year with a bang. She hosted three major events back-to-back: I.C.G.C. Advisor's Open House, I.C.G.C. Leadership Retreat and Meet the Greeks!!!

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