Student Affairs committees aim to facilitate collaboration and improve the services offered for division's departments and professionals. Contact Dawn Miller if would like more information on any of the committees listed below.

The Student Affairs Assessment Advisory Council will promote, support and educate our departments and staff in matters pertaining to the assessment of student learning and development. We envision Student Affairs becoming a culture that embraces evidence-based programming where the assessment of student learning and development is pervasive throughout its departments.

We meet monthly during the academic year to discuss ideas and resources that will enhance assessment practices within Student Affairs. The council serves the Student Affairs Vice President and Associate Vice Presidents, and makes recommendations regarding assessment practices in the division.

Jonathan Stewart (Chair), Myles Surrett, Sonia Abbot, Rebeca Barge, Ritter Clevenger, Aaron Combs, Sarah LaFrance, Magali Laitem, Michael McCleve, Misty Newman, Chris Ouren, Kathryn Rathgeber, Sam Squyars, Jordan Todd

University Partners:
Sara Finney - Center for Assessment and Research Studies (CARS)

This committee meets monthly to discuss current marketing and communications issues, best practices, and opportunities relevant to student affairs communicators, individual student affairs departments, departmental collaborations or student affairs as a whole.

We work together to create efficiencies, provide each other with support and ideas, learn new tools and techniques, and make decisions to help better promote Student Affairs to all of the university's audiences.

Departmental Representatives:
Angela Ritchie (Chair), Will Brown, Brittany Dioszeghy, Magali Laitem, Courtney Morse, Misty Newman, Dianne Nibblins, Kaitlin Pomerleau, Ann Simmons, Mollie Zenz

University Partners:
Alumni Relations, Center for Global Engagement, Ethical Reasoning in Action, Libraries, Parent Relations, University Communications

The monthly newsletter highlights achievements, outreach, and new IDEAS for Student Affairs departments and staff. The newsletter recognizes individuals for various accomplishments and life events. Additionally, it supports the ongoing efforts related to the Student Affairs core values by highlighting how the values can and should impact workplace behavior and decisions. This has and continues to be a team effort in the Division to make this publication possible.

Marsha Mays-Bernard (Liaison), Dawn Miller (Chair), Ann Simmons, Angela Ritchie

GA Graphic Designers:
Dylan Crigger

Departmental Representatives:
Leslie Beam, Brittany Dioszeghy, Moriah Fallon, Emily Higham, Carson Lonett, Dawn Miller, Misty Newman, Dianne Nibblins, Heather Reid, Ann Simmons, Jill Staley Wade, Mollie Zenz

SAPros creates opportunities for community building, personal growth, and professional development. We strive for every SAP to be engaged in meaningful connections that contribute to a sense of belonging and encourage continued learning to strengthen the division of Student Affairs.

We assist Student Affairs staff members in the transition from on-campus interview to their last day in Student Affairs. Our leadership team is current in research and best practices and works to be mindful of various transition points of professionals. From surveys and other various informal touch points, the committee creates opportunities and programming. All programming is implemented to meet the needs and is open to all staff members, including graduate students.

This group oversees and supports:

  • New Student Affairs Professionals (New SAPs)
  • New Student Affairs Advisory Board
  • Administrative Professionals Advisory Board
  • Hosts and Connections for Search Processes
  • Onboarding
  • Mentoring Opportunities
  • Professional Development Programming
  • Community Development Programming
  • Divisional Events (ex. Appreciation Day, Winter Celebration, All-Staff Meetings)

Carson Lonett (Chair), Jonathan Stewart (Chair), Jacob Angelo, Rebeca Barge, Laura Blazewicz-Miller, Ritter Clevenger, Patrick Francis, Jeremy Hawkins, Emily Higham, Cassidy Mechalske, Stephanie Nielson, DaNae Peterson, Jenna Piersol, Tripp Purks, Bethany Whetzel

The Student Affairs Social Justice and Inclusion Council is a part of the University-wide diversity effort that emanates from the President's Office. The council is composed of representatives from all departments within Student Affairs and meets monthly. Sub-committee and special project work occurs throughout the year and the time commitment for that varies depending on the project.

This working group provides our departments with recommendations for creating an inclusive environment; developing trainings, programs and services focusing on increasing multicultural competency amongst staff; assessing staff needs; and recognizing work done within Student Affairs to further social justice and inclusion initiatives.

Brent Lewis (Chair), Carson Lonett (Chair), Traci Renee Ballou-Broadnax, Kate Bergey, Sasha Griffith, Sandra Gulliver, Jason Jones, Angela Ritchie, Josh Shulruff, Jordan Todd, Rebeca Barge, Jessica Weed, Allison Smith, Christina Wulf, DeAndrae Powell, Jen Gulliver, Brandon Cheatham, Jeremy Hawkins

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