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May 3, 2022

Jun 3, 2022



Meet with the two youth groups at least twice monthly at a set time, but with flexible scheduling for fellowship, community outreach, and service; joint meetings may be appropriate at times. Submit a monthly summary of (and plans for next month’s) engagements to the Vestry. Provide weekly announcements and information, as applicable, to the congregation via our e-messenger, website and Facebook page. Schedule and attend staff meetings, as needed. Specific responsibilities for Youth Ministry – ages 12 and above (Middle and High School):

  • Engage the youth in such a way that they have input in building their own youth program.
  • Lead a monthly meeting (HS and MS) and build relationships with the youth for planning outreach, fellowship, and worship. Outdoor gatherings are welcomed; Shrine Mont trips are welcomed. (Masking and other pandemic cautions may dictate schedule changes.)
  • Using our youth roster, celebrate birthdays and plan fun activities as appropriate. Specific responsibilities for Youth Ministry – ages 5-11 (Elementary School).
  • Create one activity/lesson/engagement every two weeks. This lesson can occur as “Christian Formation Time” or “Children’s Church” before, during, or after Sunday morning services.
  • Engage the children in planned activities that foster outreach and service.
  • Using our youth roster, celebrate birthdays and plan fun activities as appropriate. 


Qualifications, Skills, and Expectations:

  • Experience and joy in ministering to and empowering youth.
  • A command of social media relevant to HS and MS Youth (including Zoom).
  • Ability to work well with others.
  • An openness to new ideas.
  • Strong communication skills and good judgment in when/what to communicate.
  • Strong decision-making skills and good judgment in when/how to include others for decisions.
  • Ability to handle conflict and to know when/how to seek help.
  • A “Team Player” attitude.
  • Willingness to operate with supervision and guidance of Priest/Vestry.
  • A practice of self-care in physical, mental, and spiritual readiness to engage with active youth.
  • A sense of confidentiality/justice in knowing when/how to report questionable behavior Background Check and Safe Church Training.

The best candidate(s) will have:

  • Training in Safe-Church (http://www.diosova.org/congregation_res/article462905.htm Evidence of completion must be submitted to the Search Committee/Vestry before hiring.
  • Had a Background Check with the Diocese of Virginia within the last 2 years; a copy must be submitted to the Search Committee/Vestry before hiring.

How to apply:



Hours per week
avg 10, or no more than 40 per month.

Specific hours
Probably two Sunday mornings a month, with other times planned for activities.

Duration of position
June 1 through August 30, 2022, with potential extension.

Employer Information

Brenda Seal



600 Main Street Bridgewater, Bridgewater, VA, 22812

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