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Jul 22, 2022

Sep 22, 2022



Responsibilities include but are not limited to: 1. Teach a class of children in a manner consistent with the philosophy and the goals of the Center. This includes: a. Treat each child with dignity and respect. b. Plan activities which will encourage each child’s growth in the areas of emotional, social, cognitive and physical development. c. Recognize and consider the individual needs of each child in relation to cultural and socio-economic background, disabilities, special talents and interests, style and pace of leaning. d. Help children learn to think creatively, to solve problems independently and to respect themselves and others. 2. Be responsible for the arrangement, décor and learning environment in the classroom. Be responsible for upkeep of educational materials and equipment, including removal of equipment needing repairs. 3. Ensure the safety of all the children assigned to your care at all times, through constant supervision. 4. Use appropriate and positive discipline with each child to help develop self-control and responsibility for his/her actions. 5. Be familiar with licensing requirements and make sure the classrooms are in compliance. 6. Maintain sight of the children at all times, to count the children constantly. 7. Be responsible for reporting to the Director any equipment repairs or replacements needed, maintenance needed in the room or elsewhere in the building or on the playgrounds and supplies that need to be reordered. 8. Promote a good rapport among staff members. 9. Attend all staff meetings and programs sponsored by the Center. 10. Actively seek to continuously update skills by attending outside workshops and conferences whenever possible, by becoming active in professional organizations and by constantly seeking new ideas and materials for use in the classroom with the children or to share with other staff members. 13. Maintain the records that are required by Center policy. 14. Maintain strict confidentiality regarding children and their families. 15. Maintain professional conduct and attitudes in working with parents and staff as well as volunteers, participants in the Adult Day Care Center, visitors and the general public.


GENERAL: All staff members must be of good character and reputation; competent, qualified and capable of carrying out assigned responsibilities; willing and able to accept training and supervision; considerate, understanding and respectful of children, elderly and disabled persons; clean and well groomed; able to communicate effectively in English; able to meet the requirements for a Criminal Record Check and able to meet requirements for TB screening.

EDUCATION: A four year degree in Early Childhood Education, Child Development or related field preferred. Must have a current certification in CPR and First Aid, or be willing and able to obtain both during orientation period.

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Hours per week
Approximately 14

Specific hours

Duration of position
For the Rockingham County School year.

Employer Information

Leigh Ann Kiracofe




3765 Taylor Spring Lane, Rockingham, VA, 22801

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