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Aug 26, 2021

Nov 1, 2021



Youth Leaders are the lead staff for the On the Road Collaborative middle and high school afterschool programs in Harrisonburg City, and work with volunteers, teachers and families to deliver a high-quality program. Youth Leaders are responsible for leading youth through structured academic and enrichment programming.

-Manage a class of about 15 middle or high school youth using a strong presence, clear, consistent learning procedures, and relevant and engaging activities

-Create a safe, positive learning environment that promotes our core values of focused effort, service, perseverance and courage

-Motivate youth to grow and succeed; getting to know each youth, providing encouragement and serving as a positive role model

-Serve as an academic coach; assisting youth with their homework, school assignments and helping them develop goals and organization skills

-Consistently prepared to implement lesson plans and teambuilding activities that consider the interests and needs of the group

-Communicate professionally with families, teachers and community members about the program and work with them to strengthen support for youth

-Direct volunteers and utilize their abilities to help you deliver quality programming


Strong candidates for this position will demonstrate the following characteristics:

-Knowledge of, and commitment to, the On the Road Collaborative program and mission

-Experience engaging, leading and/or teaching youth individually and in groups

-Commitment to youth development and achievement

-Willingness to learn students’ math and language arts content

-Passion for working in a diverse, driven team setting


-Takes initiative and is proactive in addressing challenges

-Proficient using Google Applications

-Proficiency in Spanish or Arabic a plus

How to apply:

Visit our website: https://www.ontheroadcollaborative.com/work-with-us/


Hours per week
6-15 hrs/week

Specific hours
Youth Leaders must be available at least 2 afternoons per week (Monday-Thursday) generally between the hours of 3:00-5:00 p.m. during the 2021-2022 school year and for bi-weekly Friday afternoon staff trainings.

Duration of position
Fall semester and full year opportunities available.

Employer Information

Brent Holsinger



85 W Gay St., Harrisonburg, VA, 22802

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