Office of the President

Aug 15, 2013

President Alger receives annual accomplishments report

Report on university accomplishments during 2012-13 presented to President Alger

Just as the new academic year is about to begin, the vice presidents have reported in on the myriad achievements and successes of the previous academic year—the first under the leadership of President Jonathan R. Alger.

The annual executive summary, 2012-2013 Accomplishments, lists the key accomplishments of the year in important categories such as academics, access, diversity, funding, facilities and more.

"These achievements are impressive and just the thing to help propel us into the new academic year," Alger said. "They reflect the intellect, dedication and compassion of Madison's outstanding faculty and staff. I have said all year that our people are our most important asset. This report illustrates that point once again. Each of these bullet points reflects the hard work of many people, all for the benefit of our students.

"I urge everyone to read the report and become familiar with the activities of their colleagues across campus," the president added. "I think you will be surprised to learn just how much is going on here."

Among the highlights this year are the establishment of two new colleges, the College of Integrated Science and Engineering and the College of Health and Behavioral Studies; the establishment of the Voice and Swallowing Clinic with Rockingham Memorial Hospital; an increase to seven total Residential Learning Communities and five faculty members-in-residence in residence halls; the launch of the Semester in Scotland program; and the implementation of the teacher licensure program in theater and dance, which makes JMU the only university in the commonwealth to offer licensure in all performing arts disciplines (music, art, theater and dance).

"JMU is so productive that the JMU vice presidents assemble this 30,000-foot view for the president," says Brian Charette, director of university planning. "This 37-page report condenses, categorizes and focuses the many achievements of the university and offers the opportunity for the president and others to understand the great value JMU provides, year in and year out."

"For me, the most impressive aspect of the annual accomplishments report is that it makes it clear that JMU people love what they do," Charette says. "I think a lot of folks outside our community will think, 'I had no idea JMU did all that!'"

To learn more, download a copy of the 2012-2013 Accomplishments.