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Oct 17, 2013

To Study or to Party? Deep Thoughts from English Conversation Club

Posted 10/17/2013 by Shirley Yang

Because of the mid-term pressure, we have noticed some of the students are too busy to join our conversation. However, there are students still coming here consistently talking about their study, exam and daily life. During our recent conversation, I have noticed a few of interesting topics so I am gonna list a few of them to share with you:

  • Party hard? Or study more? When? Friday night?

JMU has the “party school” reputation. I heard this from a man who helped me to fill out the declaration form in Dulles Airport when I just came to America. A girl from China shared her story with us. She acted different than her roommates on Friday night because she refused to go to their party. Instead, she chose to study that night because she had to prepare for the coming week’s exam. Her roommates thought that was unusual and goes “girl! Friday night suppose to be a party night! Saturday is party all day. Sunday afternoon is for study!” In most American views, Friday night is supposed to be for relaxing. Studying or working would considered as abnormal. However, it may not be true for everyone.

  • What do you do for exam? What’s your preferable study environment?
We kept the slang cards from a week ago. We still use them as a tool to practice into conversation mode. We found some students choose “pull an all-nighter” for the exam because they thought it’s more effective. Also, no students would “play hooky” anymore if their teachers have study session for reviewing exam. In terms of study place, we just realized some of them can study wherever they want. However, studying in Starbucks is unbelievable for most of students because the smell of coffee and noisy chatting are easily distracting.

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