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Get excited about STEM

Get excited about STEM with the following innovative, helpful, interactive websites! 

Homework Help
  • Ask Dr. Math designed to offer math help for all ages

  • Homework Spot offers homework help in many subjects areas for students of all ages.

  • Fact Monster offers homework help, facts, trivia and games in lots of subjects.

  • Discovery Education is a resource to help you connect science to things you can see and experience. 

  • How Everything Works takes a look at everyday objects within the context of science and physics. 

Games and Activities
  • PBS Kids Go Design Squad  offers activities, animations, videos, and episodes.

  • Strange Matter is a great place for activities that pertain to materials science or the “study of stuff”.

  • Engineering Interact offers engaging game environments with information about real world applications to introduce you to the exciting world of engineering.

  • Science Kids has experiments, games, videos, and lessons to help you better understand science and technology.

  • The Kids Science Challenge is a science topic game arcade and videos to help you better understand various topics in science. 

  • STEM Collaborative – Real life math! Virtual environments, simulations, videos, and interactive math activities that challenge you.

  • NASA Kid’s Club offers interactive games for students involving different science topics and levels.

  • Math Playground Learn at your own pace with this website filled with math games, logic puzzles and  problem solving activities.

  • PhET is an interactive game-like environment where you about math and science through exploration and discovery.

  • Masters in Data Science has 239 cool sites about science, technology, engineering, and math.

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