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The Center for STEM Education and Outreach (STEM Center) - in partnership with university faculty, staff and students - develops engaging educational experiences for K-12 educators and students that focus on changing the conversation about STEM disciplines. Experiences are crafted to be meaningful and relevant to student outcomes and interests while fostering a sense of curiosity about science, technology, engineering and math. These sessions can occur in a classroom, laboratory, design studio, field study or within any settings that cultivates a nurturing environment. 


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On-Campus Experience

With an on-campus learning experience, your students will have an opportunity to participate in an exciting, hands-on, relevant STEM learning experience. 

Visit laboratories on campus and incorporate a demonstration or interactive lab experience for you students. Plan the entire day around STEM facilities or make it an interdisciplinary visit by including a visit to Science on a Sphere, the Planetarium, or the Center for Wind Energy. Bring your lunch and sit outside in the Arboretum or buy lunch at the East Campus Dining Hall.  

*On-campus opportunities are determined by funding and availability of our faculty and staff. Visits to Science on a Sphere, the Planetarium, the Center for Wind Energy are scheduled separately.

Off-Campus Experience

With funding and transportation issues, we understand it's not always easy to plan a field trip. Yet we know how important it is for students to be part of an awesome STEM learning experience. Our off-campus program allows our faculty and student ambassadors to visit your classroom and lead your students in exciting, hands-on STEM activities and demonstrations. 

*Off-campus-opportunities are determined by funding and availability of our faculty and staff.

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