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K-12 STEM Outreach Partnerships:

Working in silos and reinventing the wheel are significant barriers to effective and inclusive STEM outreach. Partnerships between outreach efforts on JMU’s campus, Harrisonburg City programs, and the surrounding region provide opportunities for us to share resources, learn from other's experiences, and bring diverse perspectives to a common goal. 

How do we support our partners?:

1. Recruiting JMU students: Our students who are interested in K-12 STEM outreach are talented, compassionate, and genuinely care about sharing their enthusiasm for their discipline of STEM and making STEM enrichment opportunities more accessible. They also, however, tend to be very involved in numerous extracurricular and co-curricular activities and have rigorous coarse loads. Because of that, it is challenging for us to find students on short notice. If possible, we ask for at least 2-weeks advanced notice for a one-time commitment.  If your program needs JMU students for extended periods of time (e.g. once a week for 6 weeks or 3 times per week for 2 weeks), it is important to contact us several months prior and understand that we may only be able to fill this request by recruiting multiple students who will commit to specific days or weeks of the program. Because we take representation of JMU in the community very seriously, we prepare our students to ensure they understand our expectations for best-practices, professionalism, and the importantce of being a positive role model for children. Click here, for more insights into the message we are sending to JMU students regarding K-12 STEM outreach engagement.

2. Promoting your program: Our Facebook page has ~300 followers. Our audience includes K-12 teachers and parents, former teachers and parents of JMU students, JMU faculty and students, and other members of the community with an interest in K-12 STEM. In addition to advertising and/or sharing photos from your events on social media, we can also share your photos on our "STEM in the Valley" page and promote your events on our Upcoming Events page.

3. Matching needs with opportunities: Occasionally, our partners ask us to match them with JMU faculty with specific expertise to serve as a volunteer, resource, or connect them to the broader community in their field. We have also helped by matching our partners with K-12 schools who may be interested in a particular opportunity. 

Our Partners Include:

JMU Programs:

Programs and Agencies in the Surrounding Community:


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