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We aim to support our local PK-12 teachers by

  • Facilitating JMU STEM and Education faculty and student engagement with the PK-12 STEM community. This includes recruiting the appropriate faculty and students to fulfill specific requests, developing new outreach programs informed by your needs and recommendations from state and national agencies, and informing our STEM outreach volunteers of best-practices in working with PK-12 students so that the partnerships are mutually beneficial. To see the messages we are sending to faculty and students about their role in PK-12 STEM outreach, best practices, and opportunities available to them, see our "For JMU Faculty" and "For JMU Students" pages. 
  • Serving as an advocate for our local schools to state and national agencies and facilitating a common language between Virginia's STEM education leaders, STEM workforce employers, the JMU community, and PK-12 STEM teachers and administrators. While the interpretation of STEM varies among these constituents due to their different roles, we believe that we should all be working towards common goals using consistent and effective practices, a mission that requires frequent and open communication. The STEM Center works closely with STEM outreach directors at other Virginia Universities, the STEM coordinator for VA DOE, and the director of STEM for VA in the Governor's office. We use these opportunities to build connections, understand how we can better support and learn from each other, and advocate for PK-12 programs in the Valley. 


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