Deadline Info: Anytime

Agency/Sponsor: National Science Foundation


The Solar and Planetary Research Grants (SPG) Program provides individual investigator and collaborative research grants for observational, theoretical, laboratory, and archival data studies in the science of our solar system and extrasolar planetary systems. Proposals for projects and tools that enable and enhance research in those areas may also be submitted. 

Proposals addressing the astronomy and astrophysics of stars, our galaxy, external galaxies, and cosmology will be handled under a companion NSF solicitation, NSF 16-574, Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Grants (AAG), not under the SPG Program. Proposals that address planet formation within circumstellar disks are appropriate for this SPG Program; proposals that address star formation are better directed to the AAG Program and will not be considered by the SPG Program. Proposals submitted to on of these two programs, and deemed more appropriate for the other program, will be routed to the other program and considered during the next proposal submission season for that program. Potential proposers are cautioned that this could delay a proposal considered more appropriate to teh AAG Program for up to a year. 

Proposals that are solely or predominantly for the acquisition, analysis, or interpretation of space-based data from NASA-supported missions will be returned without review. 

Award Information

Anticipated Type of Award: Standard Grant or Continuing Grant

Estimated Number of Awards: 25

About 25 awards per year, pending availability of funds.

Anticipated Funding Amount: $10,000,000

Estimated $10,000,000. in fiscal year 2017 for new and continuing awards, pending availability of funds.

Eligibility Information

Who May Submit Proposals:

The categories of proposers eligible to submit proposals to the National Science Foundation are identified in the Grant Proposal Guide, Chapter I, Section E.

Who May Serve as PI:

There are no restrictions or limits.

Limit on Number of Proposals per Organization:

There are no restrictions or limits.

Limit on Number of Proposals per PI or Co-PI:

Proposals that have been declined are not eligible for resubmission within one year from the original date of submission.

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