Deadline Info: Rolling

Agency/Sponsor: The Cracker Barrel Foundation


If you are interested in exploring this funding opportunity, please contact Debbie Perrone in Foundation Relations at before moving forward.

  • The Cracker Barrel Foundation provides support to: programs that strengthen higher education and adult literacy while increasing its availability and quality; programs that address child and family issues enabling individuals to become involved, self-sufficient citizens in the community; environmental education, preserving historic monuments, natural sites and parks; supporting members of America's armed forces and their families; and providing arts education.

  • The Cracker Barrel Foundation will also consider requests for aid from organizations serving other important issues including: 

    • Local Community Agencies Helping Families & Children
      • Organizations supporting impoverished families/children in underserved communities; civic/safety organizations; etc.
    • Multiculturalism
      • Local community events and organizations that promote inclusion

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