Deadline Info: Anytime

Agency/Sponsor: Compton Foundation


If you are interested in exploring this funding opportunity, please contact Debbie Perrone in Foundation Relations at before moving forward.

  • Compton Foundation has adopted a new mission: We ignite change. We support transformative leadership and courageous storytelling, inspiring action toward a peaceful, just, sustainable future. The status quo is not shifting rapidly enough toward a peaceful, just, and sustainable world. Our new mission highlights a sense of urgency and a willingness to take risks in order to transform the way we live. Bringing forth a positive future requires innovative ways of understanding and naming the problems we face, as well as new methods for collaborating to solve them. Implicit in the mission is support for progressive and democratic social change.

    Change requires both long-term movement building and the ability to respond quickly to opportunistic moments when transformation and/or real short-term gains are possible. The Foundation will support organizations building the long-term capacity to ignite change as well as providing rapid response and emerging opportunity funding. The Foundation values projects that explore the connections between issue areas.
    Transformative Leadership
    In this area, the Foundation expects to support:

    • Institutions that are training, convening, and coaching leaders with the above qualities.

    • Networks of leaders working across difference in issue, approach, or constituency.

    • Exemplary organizations that demonstrate new ways of working, creative collaboration, and transformative leadership qualities.

    Courageous Storytelling: In this area, the Foundation expects to support:

    • Creative media (art, music, drama, writing, photography) that captures imagination, expands our understanding of critical social and environmental problems, and articulates a positive vision for the future.

    • Organizations that help creative artists engage with social and environmental change.

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