Deadline Info: December 31

Agency/Sponsor: Allen Foundation Inc.


If you are interested in exploring this funding opportunity, please contact Debbie Perrone in Foundation Relations at before moving forward.

Proposals for a grant form the Allen Foundation are due by December 31 each year with decisions made in June. The Foundation funds projects related to nutritional research, programs for the education and training of mothers during and after pregnancy, training of educators/demonstrators of good nutritional practices, distribution of information on healthful nutritional practices and habits, and relieving immediate emergency hunger and malnutrition problems. Eligible PI’s are those who are employed full-time on with tenure or on a tenure-track.

An application requires the following:

  1. An abbreviated curriculum vitae for the PI
  2. A short statement of the performance and leadership qualifications of the PI to undertake the project and the suitability of the environment in which the project will be conducted
  3. Tthe name with full contact information (mailing address, email, and fax number) of the person or office in charge of institution internal review of all proposals for sponsored projects that are submitted to external agencies prior to their submission
  4. Full contact information regarding institution oversight of projects involving humans or experimental animals (if applicable) 

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