Deadline: February 7, 2018

Agency/Sponsor: Environmental Protection Agency


EPA's P3 – People, Prosperity and the Planet—Program is a unique college competition for designing solutions for a sustainable future. The P3 Program supports science-based projects and designs developed by interdisciplinary student teams at colleges and universities. These projects must embody the P3 approach, which is that they have the intention and capability to simultaneously improve the quality of people’s lives, provide economic benefits, and protect the environment.

EPA’s P3 Program has identified the following four strategic program goals:

  1. Engage and educate the next generation of scientists, engineers, and the greater academic and external communities in understanding and using the P3 approach.
  2. Support the development of innovative technologies that will contribute to improved social, environmental, and economic well-being, especially in communities with the greatest needs.
  3. Support the demonstration of P3-developed technologies to prove their effectiveness and value.
  4. Foster the development of enterprises that will disseminate technologies in the target communities and elsewhere

2017-2018 P3 Research Topic Areas:

  • Improve Air Quality
  • Provide Clean and Safe Water
  • Prevent Contamination of Land, and
  • Ensure Safety of Chemicals in the Marketplace

Funding: Up to $15,000 per Phase I grant including direct and indirect costs. Proposals for Phase I grants requesting an award of more than $15,000 will not be considered. Proposals for Phase I grants must be for one year. Proposals with a duration of more than one year will not be considered.

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