Deadline: June 8, 2017

Agency/Sponsor: National Endowment for the Humanities


The Research and Development program supports projects that address major challenges in preserving or providing access to humanities collections and resources. These challenges include the need to find better ways to preserve materials of critical importance to the nation’s cultural heritage and to develop advanced modes of organizing, searching, discovering, and using such materials.  This program recognizes that finding solutions to complex problems often requires forming interdisciplinary project teams, bringing together participants with expertise in the humanities; in preservation; and in information, computer, and natural science. All projects must demonstrate how advances in preservation and access would benefit the cultural heritage community in supporting humanities research, teaching, or public programming.

Tier 1: Planning and Basic Research

Funding: Maximum award $75,000

Duration: Up to 2 yrs

Tier 2: Advanced Implementation

Funding: Maximum award $350,000

Duration: Up to 3 yrs

Cost sharing:  Although cost sharing is not required, this program is rarely able to support the full costs of projects approved for funding. In most cases, NEH Research and Development grants cover no more than 80 percent of project costs. synopsis: 


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