Deadline: April 20, 2017

Agency/Sponsor: National Science Foundation


Program Solicitation NSF 16-540

JMU is eligible for Strand 2: S-STEM Design and Development, which seeks to leverage S-STEM funds with institutional efforts and infrastructure to increase and understand recruitment, retention, student success, transfer, if appropriate, academic/career pathways, and degree attainment in STEM, with emphasis on low-income academically talented students with demonstrated financial need. 

Strand 2 projects are expected to: 

  • Establish scholarship programs that provide strong academic and student support (e.g., adaptation and implementation of existing high quality evidence-based practices; professional and workforce development activities) to increase student success and degree attainment (including student transfer, if appropriate); 
  • Increase retention, student success, transfer (if appropriate), and graduation in STEM and the quality of the STEM workforce;
  • Have strong STEM faculty commitment and involvement; 
  • Adapt, implement, and study effective evidence-based curricular and co-curricular activities and professional development that are tailored to students, STEM faculty, and different types of institutional contexts;
  • Focus on cognitive or non-cognitive aspects of student experiences and success (such as research experiences, internships, participation in student cohorts, the mentor/mentee relationship, self-efficacy, identity); and 
  • Advance adaptation, implementation, knowledge generation, and understanding of how high quality evidence-based practices and strategies impact student outcomes. 

Note: We think we are only eligible for Strand 2- Design and Development Type 2 Multi-institutional Consortia projects. IHEs eligible to submit proposals to Strand 1 are institutions that have not had or do not currently have awards funded by the S-STEM program or the STEM Talent Expansion (STEP) program. 

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