Deadline: September 15, 2017

Agency/Sponsor: Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation


The Calvin K. Kazanjian Economic Foundation is a small, non-profit organization with limited resources. The Foundation will look most favorably at programs that match grants of support with funds from other organizations, learned institutions, universities, colleges, and government sources.

Projects supported by the Foundation should:

  • Disseminate economic thinking and knowledge by all available means, to the end that greater happiness and prosperity may come to all through better economic understanding.

  • Produce materials, conduct seminars and workshops that promote discussions and assist in the development of greater economic literacy.

  • Promote the interchange of ideas and experiences among students of economic theory, those teaching it, and those engaged in solving practical economic problems in business and government.

  • Further these purposes through cooperation with schools, colleges and universities, foundations or other organizations by financial support or other means.

FUNDING: The Foundation makes grants of various sizes. The average grant is approximately $22,000, however grants as small as $3,500 and as large as $150,000 have been made. Ocassionally, multi-year grants are made for larger projects. The Foundation will not support overhead or indirect costs. 

ELIGIBILITY: The Foundation may only support non-profit 501(c) (3)organizations.

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