Student Advisory Committee

The Student Advisory Committee has the responsibility of representing social work majors at department meetings. This would mean that the student representatives would work together to ensure that at least one the three is in attendance at the department meetings. The other responsibilities are spelled out below as regards the grievance procedure.

Grievance Procedure

The Department of Social Work follows the grievance procedure developed by James Madison University for adjudication of student grievances against faculty that do not concern grades, discrimination or harassment. Policies for grievances concerning these matters are outlined elsewhere. Refer to the Undergraduate Catalog for the student grievance procedure. The Department of Social Work has a Student Advisory Committee made up of faculty and students that will hear grievances and potential grievances examine all materials relating to the issue and make recommendations to the department head. The committee members and charge are posted in HHS 2138.

Each academic unit head will appoint students from the academic unit to serve on the committee. The social work faculty will generate a list of nominees from which the students will be selected. There will be three (3) student members of the committee, two traditional and one non-traditional with diversified representation.

  1. The Advisory Committee may take up any of the following actions:
    • Examine materials submitted by the student and the party grieved against (“respondent”).
    • Interview the student and the respondent.
    • Interview any witnesses requested by the student, the respondent or the committee.
    • Request additional materials from any person or entity relevant to the changers.
    • Make a recommendation on the grievance to the academic unit head.
  2. The head of the academic unit may accept the recommendation of the committee, reject the recommendation or partially accept and partially reject the recommendation.The academic unit head will take action he/she deems appropriate to the grievance.
  3. If either the student or respondent is dissatisfied with the action taken by the head of the academic unit, the action may be appealed to the dean.The decision of the dean is final.
  4. If the head of the academic unit is the party against whom the grievance is filed, the dean will receive the report of the committee and stand in the place of the head of the academic unit for the purpose of making the decision on the grievance. If the dean is the party against whom the grievance is filed, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs will handle any appeal.