Honors College

The University offers three honors programs, Track One Honors Scholars, Track Two Honors Scholars, and Senior Honors Project. Participation in the Track One Honors Scholars Program is by invitation from the University. Track Two is open to first-and second-year students with at least a 3.25 grade point average. Candidates for Track Two honors complete at least 24 credit hours, including a six-hour senior honors project, six credits in honors seminars, and twelve credit hours of electives in honors courses. The Seniors Honors Project is offered by academic units as an opportunity for students with at least a 3.25 average, to pursue an independent research topic or creative project in their major field.

Enrollment in SOWK 499 carries 6 semester hours of academic credit over a three semester period, beginning in the junior year, and is by override only. Students must be accepted by the dean of the Honors College and the student’s major department. One or more social work faculty members will serve on the student’s thesis/project committee. See the University Catalog and departmental guidelines for SOWK 499 for a complete description of the requirements.

For more information, please see https://www.jmu.edu/honors

Policy on Honors Option in departmental courses:

  • Students requesting an Honors Option in departmental courses need to seek the faculty member’s approval and, if granted, must submit a proposal by the second week of class in a given semester for consideration by departmental faculty.
  • New faculty will not supervise Honors Options during their first year.
  • Only courses taught by full-time faculty are eligible for Honors Options.
  • Guidelines for SOWK 499 Students - Full Version (PDF)
  • Guidelines for SOWK 499 Students - Abridged Version (PDF)