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Adult Health and Development Program (AHDP)

The Adult Health and Development Program (AHDP) is an intergenerational program that partners "Members" (adults 50+) with trained "Staffers" (JMU students). The staffers are trained in adult health topics and theories and encourage members to engage in activities which positively effect their health, well-being, physical fitness, and health knowledge. Members are adults in the community, over the age of 50, who are interested in improving their well-being and enjoy the company of students and other adults. Once a week, these partners participate in various activities including exercise, health education, crafts, and music, along with sharing knowledge and wisdom about life. The focus of AHDP is on building relationships and enhancing the members' sense of personal wellness. The program is open to all adults 50+, without regard to level of ability. AHDP meets each semester for nine Wednesdays at the Price Rotary Senior Center from 3:30-5:30pm. The AHDP is a good way for students and adults 50 and over to connect. This program gets students out of the classroom and focuses on relationship building and learning first hand about the older adult's life experiences.

With people often living far away from extended family, developing significant intergenerational relationships can be challenging. This program seeks to connect the generations through shared experiences, activities and conversation.


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