Harassment and Support Reports:

A Cyber Bully in Nursing?

Numerous times, for about a year to now, I have been called names by a junior girl who is in the nursing program. I have confronted her about it--that it was wrong for her to say some comments about me, especially on facebook. But she told me that she was a mature person, and she continues to do so even though it is wrong to make fun of someone because they're different.

Bell Hall Happiness:

"I chose to become Multi-Cultural Representative on our Community Activities Board. By this time I had come out to my R.A. and Hall Director (in case any problem were to arise with my hall mates), which they were very accepting and understanding of me. When I suggested to have a ""Whose Straight?"" panel, at our hall, not only were my R.A. and Hall Director accepting of the idea, they were supportive & encouraging. I am really happy to have so much support from the ORL staff in my hall."

Harassment in Hillside:

I have a friend who's hall mates tease him about being gay. I am not sure if he is or not, but if he is, he has NOT come out yet. As a result, my friend hits on girls to prove he's not gay. It really makes mad. We're supposed to be able to be comfortable in our own living environments. [Safe Zone has contacted the Hillside area director and asked that a message be sent to Hillside residents reminding them that all forms of harassment, including that based on sexual orientation, are against university policy.]

National Coming Out Day at the Library:

Carrier Library put up a whiteboard celebrating National Coming Out Day and encouraging people to contact them with LGBT research questions. Especially friendly librarians left their business cards on the table. Awesome.

Gayness was totally normal in this class:

A student came out to the class last semester and students reacted as though he had said his name.  No one seemed to care.

Hostile Environment in GHIST -- RESOLVED:

A student in my GHIST class made a crude and offensive gay joke. The professor said nothing and just laughed, along with the a majority of the class.  [Update: This student took his/her concerns to a Safe Zone member who contacted the History Department Head. Dr. Galgano was wonderful, understanding, and fast. Students in the class received an apology and were ensured that the homophobia would not continue. This one has happy ending. Thank you Dr. Galgano!]

A Rainbow for GWRIT:

My GWRIT class had in members of the GLBTS group and they were awesome!

A Little Love for Safe Zone:

It was a pleasure to attend a Safe Zone panel for JMU Libraries & Educational Technologies today. Thank you for all that you do!

Drive-by Hate: 

Had a student scream "f____t" at me out his driver's side window while I was walking down South Main the other night.

Praise for Madison Equality:

A HUGE pat to Madison Equality and its members in re-evaluating themselves and working to better themselves and become better as people and as an organization in the past couple weeks. I've never felt more accepted and appreciated as a person in the time that I've been here than in the past few weeks. Well done, everyone. :)

Tweeted Hate:

The Twitter account @StraightJMU explicity expressing hate towards gays at JMU. 

Where are the restrooms!

This is more of a request.... one of our guests requested a single bathroom... I was very embarrassed, because... I did not contain this in my project plan... are there plans to include an All-Gender bathroom in the building? Is there a map of the All-Gender bathrooms on campus? As a person that brings bus loads of guests to campus, is there an office I can contact to advocate for this important need (All-Gender bathrooms)? Thanks for your help! Answer: It is our understanding that all new consctruction projects will include at least one all-gender restroom, but rennovation project expectations are less clear. Here is a 2017 list of all-gender restrooms at JMU. There is also a crowd-sourced map-based app for that! It's called REFUGE, and reports many JMU restrooms, though some of the pinned locations are incorrect, the building names display to clarify matters. The more people who use this app, the better the information will become!

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