Prepared for the 2019 SACSCOC Annual Meeting, Houston

Previously presented at the 2018 SACSCOC Annual Meeting, New Orleans


Linda Birtley, Union Presbyterian Seminary

Cindy Chiarello, James Madison University

Geoffrey Klein, Christopher Newport University


Presentation Materials

Slides with Contact Information: Establishing A Statewide Accreditation Knowledge Network (VRAS)

Handout: VRAS One Sheet Tips

Online Resources

Past Symposia Agendas and Handouts: 2017, 2018, 2019

Initial Interest Survey 2012

Symposium Communications (Samples of Save the Date, Topics of Interest Survey, Registration Open, Registration Confirmation, Panel and Agenda Creation)

VRAS Information and Archive Website

VRAS Annual Meeting Website

Post Symposium Surveys and Results:

2012 Survey, 2012 Results

2013 Survey, 2013 Results

2018 Survey Results

For editable versions of VRAS materials, email Cindy Chiarello.

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